London Day 2 | More Paddington, Disney and The Cursed Child

Would you look at that, it’s still 2017 while I’m writing this anyway now it’s just a matter of finishing and publishing this in 2017

If you haven’t read about day 1 yet, click here. Day 2 of course started with breakfast, which I’m not going to bore you with, though it was a good breakfast! We had read negative reviews saying there were barely any choices – those people must have been really spoiled! There were different kinds of bread, jam, yoghurt and fruit (maybe more but I don’t remember) so I don’t get what the problem is? Oh well, some people complain about everything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The previous evening my cousin and I had planned our day, by starting at a mall where a Victoria Secret was located where she and my mom wanted to do some shopping. To get there we had to go to Paddington Station, so of course I had to see the Paddington statue.

@ All the train stations in Amsterdam where is your cute mascot

In my previous post I mentioned my mom being a paparazzi and she didn’t disappoint on Day 2 either

Back in Amsterdam we had looked up everything we wanted to do, but I had initially written down the Disney Store in Oxford Street since that’s the biggest one, so I didn’t know there was one in this mall as well.

Me when I saw the Disney Store


I remember there was this really cute Mickey and Minnie Christmas jumper but it was SO EXPENSIVE so you know never mind

Of course I didn’t need an excuse to go to a Disney Store, but I was on a mission (my poor mom and cousin had flasbacks of Dutch Comic Con and my search for an Alice in Wonderland Pop Funko WHICH WAS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE) to find…

Unfortunately this store didn’t have Baymax* but I did find some cute Tsum Tsums to add to my collection!

Here you can see a Tsum Tsum Collector™ in the wild

* Or should I say… Baemax hahaha I’ll go see myself out now

Okay but seriously though look at all those plushies*. Looking at this pic makes me wish I had bought some of these lmao. I just remembered that they actually DID sell Baymax plushies, but it was a Christmas edition and I wanted a regular one.

* Did I ever tell you guys that I have a serious plushies addiction because I do

Afterwards we found the Victoria Secret, but turns out it as a PINK store and the bras my cousin was looking for were only found in regular stores. We hadn’t really paid attention when looking up the address the previous night woops. At least we got to see a part of London were none of us had been before. We went to some other stores as well, but I don’t really remember anything about them lol. I do remember going into a bookstore, but I didn’t buy anything so it wasn’t that memorable.

After some lunch* we walked back to the metro where my mom once again decided to play paparazzi

There are more but these two are my favourites. Oh and look at that those cute bags! Both times I bought something at a Disney Store I chose the Zootopia one (they didn’t have the Mickey and Minnie one at the second store)

* Or in my case only a smoothie?? I don’t have any food in the pictures of lunch?? And I do vaguely remember that I was only craving a smoothie. I’m so confused though. Me not hungry?? Who is this imposter)

Eventually we made our way back to the hotel with Subway sandwiches for dinner (since we were going to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Part 1 that evening we didn’t have time to sit at a restaurant), relaxed a bit and got ready.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we had gone to the theatre the previous day so that we wouldn’t get lost today. I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED? BUT WE GOT LOST. It took much longer than the day before and I started to seriously stress that we would be late, since they had said we had to be there on time because of bag checks. In the end it was fine, but you know, #anxietyyay

They seriously chose the right theatre. It fits Harry Potter so well and really makes you feel like you’re going to see a Harry Potter play. It was really hard to take proper pictures, especially since I hadn’t brought my camera (not that my previous camera was that great) but I tried to capture the theatre’s beauty

I tried to take a picture of the first decor, but it was unfortunately too dark

We were pretty high up on the balcony, so these binoculars were really useful for my mom. My poor aunt had forgotten her glasses though, so she couldn’t really see it that well. She got the script book for Christmas and she was like ‘now I can finally know what was going on’ 😂

Even though we were so high up I was still able to see everything properly, so thank Merlin for that!




Anyway, I don’t really want to talk about the play in this post (sorry!) but save that for Day 3 so I can talk about the entire play in one go. I can say that I thought it was really cool how they left things at a cliffhanger.

We went back to the hotel on a high – the magic of theatre folks. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about The Cursed Child, which I totally get because I kind of do too? But still, it was an amazing experience and it made me really excited to see Part 2 the next evening.

When you’re the only one posing for the picture

On our way back it was also the first time I saw this poster*:


* Or maybe the first time I had the opportunity to take a picture who knows
** The poster says that’s what fugly means in this case but DON’T CALL THIS DOGGO UGLY YOU BULLIES

And on that note I’ll leave you guys. Next post I’ll talk about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in more detail, including my feelings on it. Also will I find my bae Max*? Will I succeed in my mission?  SO MANY CLIFFHANGERS JUST LIKE THE PLAY

* When you remember there’s a creep called Max who might have had a crush on you and completely ruin your Baymax pun for yourself rip

Do you have any people near you that act like they’re paparazzi? Have you seen The Cursed Child? Would you fight for that doggo? Let me know in the comments!

London Day 1 | One Year Later Because PROCRASTINATION

As I’m writing this it’s exactly one year ago since my last day in London

While the previous school year was ridiculously busy, hectic and stressful for me, I could’ve written these posts during the Christmas holidays. I could’ve written these at the end of each term when I had barely anything to do (except sleep. I needed lots of sleep). I could’ve done it over the Summer. So the biggest reason why it took me so long to actually get myself to finally start these posts is

So this is going to be interesting! How much will I remember? Thankfully I have pictures to remind me and help me keep track of what happened each day (sort of). SO LET’S DO THIS

We left on Wednesday, since we had booked tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Thursday and Friday evening. This meant missing school, which I kind of stressed about back when I booked those tickets two years ago but in the end it was fine – I didn’t miss any obligatory classes  🎉

We left Wednesday in the early morning, meeting my aunt and cousin at the airport. I don’t remember much from what we did at the airport, but I don’t think it was anything special? I do vaguely remember getting a sandwich of some sort that at some point made me nauseous #rip

About to border the plane Snapchat #thatdoublechintho

While on the plane I took a few more pictures, but then I laid down my head on my mom’s lap and closed my eyes for a bit. You’re never too big to lie your head in your mom’s lap*

I also remember candy! Yes I ate mentos to fight that Plane Ear Pain™**

* Though physically I unfortunately am
** Look at me!! Remembering stuff!! *wipes away a tear* I’m so proud of me

When we got off the plane we had to take a bus from EasyJet (I think?) which we had already booked. While on that bus I spotted the happiest doggo


(excuse me while I figure out the order of the day because my pictures are not in the right order because some pictures were taken with my old camera, some with my phone and some with my mom’s phone)

We had to get off the bus nearby a metro station, where we could take a metro to our hotel, which was in the Paddington area. This meant it was my goal to acquire a Paddington plushie and take pictures with him in this neighbourhood*

* Spoiler: I succeeded.** Also yes I’m only an adult ON PAPER
** Don’t be confused by the gif I didn’t actually put my Paddington plushie on any roofs. BUT I WOULD’VE IF I COULD’VE

After getting all our stuff to our rooms, we decided to find the theatre, so that we wouldn’t have any trouble with it the next evening (HAHAHAHA WE HAD TROUBLE ANYWAY LEMME TELL YOU*)

* Actually I won’t tell you because SPOILER. We’ll leave that for the second post which at this rate will probably go up sometime next year

Seriously though that day it was so easy to find??

Oh but I’m getting ahead of myself, because you know what was right in front of our hotel? A courtyard. And you know what was in that courtyard?


I swear I was more excited on the inside

After finding the theatre, we went to Forbidden Planet which I wanted to visit for two reasons. 1) Fandom stuff!* 2) At the moment I was blogging about feminism and comics for school, and I wanted to see how much merch with female superheroes they had

* I don’t even remember buying anything?? I remember WANTING all the things, but actually buying something?? No clue. Still a fun store though!

Then we just walked around a bit, trying to find our way to Regent Street, but not before stopping at Starbucks. Y’all I never thought it would happen, but it did


I am way too excited about this

Anyway, so Regent Street! As we tried to get there, my mom constantly played around with her selfie stick* which um kind of got on my nerves at some point? I’m not proud of this photo


* And they say WE are the selfie generation smh

When we finally got to Regent Street, I uh, did another thing I’m not really proud of? Namely abandoning my family. I just… started to walk faster and faster until they had no idea where I was (well they did see me fasten my pace even though they had no idea why)

You wanna know why I did that?

Yep I abandoned my family to follow a pug* like the creepy Pug Stalker™ I am. The picture is very blurry because 1) My old camera was at the end of its life and 2) I didn’t want anyone to notice because I felt awkward. Clearly paparazzi is not the career for me

* If you didn’t know yet that I’m obsessed with pugs you definitely know now

Once I got reunited with my family though (my mom was NOT amused) our next stop was Hamleys, which is always so much fun to visit (she says like she’s been there a bunch of times instead of two)

So when I first saw that picture I thought ‘AHA! I DID BUY SOMETHING AT FORBIDDEN PLANET’ but then I remembered that I had to carry my mom’s bag so it’s probably hers

TEDDY BEAR AND PADDINGTON. Okay so I know what you were thinking: this is it. This is when you bought a Paddington plush so you could make the Paddington area unsafe with your shenanigans.

Nope. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t buy one and then run into a cheaper one later, so I waited. Patience my friends, the Paddington shenanigans shall happen soon*

* If I actually post about it soon lmao. If I keep up this pace it will be in a couple of years

Okay so this is were my memory gets fuzzy and where my pictures don’t help. I KNOW that at some point we ate dinner, because duh. We needed food (I think we ate at Subway?). I just don’t know when exactly, and if we went back to the hotel first? I also know we ended the day at Primark*

*  Well technically at the hotel but details  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And that was day one! I hope I’ll be able to write post 2 soon, before I forget even more lmao. But I’m quite proud of myself. I thought this would be really hard (which resulted in more procrastinating) but I remember quite a bit with the help of my pictures!

Have you ever been to London? Have you been to any of the places I mentioned in this post? Do you love Paddington? Have you ever abandoned your family like that, for whatever reason? Let me know in the comments!

February Wrap Up

Can you believe it’s March already?! I only have two regular months of school left, than it’s time for two weeks of May Holidays aka studying because right after that: EXAMS. Which also means that in three months I will be eighteen. What. Not to mention I will be graduating soon and starting a new school and I’m getting nervous and excited at the same time. But that’s a topic for another time!

February was a busy month, but not like January! So many fun things happened in February (less fun things, too, of course, but that’s life). I went to see two musicals, I celebrated my friends birthday, my mom and I saw Paddington at the theatre, I bought new books, read a lot more than in January and blogged a lot more. I’m definitely happy about this month. Also, I am now finished with my PWS! There is still the exhibition left (this Sunday I have to come in for two short films where they want to interview me…GULP.), but it’s still such a relief. We still don’t have our grade back, but oh well. I honestly wasn’t expecting that.

The Musicals

At the beginning of the month my mom and I went to see ‘De Zere Neus van Bergerac’ (The Sore Nose of Bergerac) which was hilarious. I expected it to be funny, but my mom and I were crying tears of laughter. It’s about a guy named Cyrano who has a really large nose and is always made fun of because of that. It’s really hard for him to find love, but of course in the end everyone get’s a happy ending.
There were also great messages for kids (as it was 8+): be yourself, dare to be different, you don’t have to be perfect, the heart and not the looks matter… Also, extremely catchy songs. My mom bought me the CD, because they’re so much fun.


On the decor there were news article all about noses

The other muscial I saw was Billy Elliot last Tuesday, with my mom and grandfather. It was really good: great acting, dancing and singing. Just the right amount of heartbreak and laughter oh and candy. Candy is important guys.

foto 3 (33)foto 2 (24)

I definitely recommend you guys to go see these if you can!

The Film

Paddington is such a cute, funny, heartwarming film. I read the first book when I was younger (maybe more, but I don’t remember) and when I saw there was a film I had to see it. Then I saw the trailer and I was sold. I mean, have you seen him?

My mom and I lost it at this scene. It was brilliant.

I want my own Paddington to come live with me! The actors were brilliant too; I especially loved Peter Capaldi and couldn’t help thinking ‘Doctor, what are you doing?!’ haha.

When the film was over and we were putting on our coats my mom and I realised I have almost the same coat as Paddington.


Stop whatever you’re doing and go see this now.

Books I read this month


Look at all the books I read. Eight books, and I’m almost finished with Heir of Fire. I would’ve finished it by now if I didn’t have to read Een Schitterend Gebrek (I believe the English title is In Lucia’s Eyes or something like that) and didn’t have any school work to do. My favourite was definitely Crown of Midnight, least favourite Een Schitterend Gebrek though I still gave it three stars. I won’t review it, nor will I review The Great Gatsby which I also read for school.


The Bane Chronicles
The Intern
Crown of Midnight

My review for The Selection will be up tomorrow.

2015 Goals

I decided to change one of my writing goals for this year, as I decided that I would be able to write at least 1000 words every week, which is crazy as this is my senior year. So that will be my goal after my exams. For now I’m content to work on it whenever I can, or just work out some ideas.

  • I read Crown of Midnight and have almost finished Heir of Fire, which means I have almost finished one of the series for my ‘Finish These Series’ Challenge.
  • I finished my Harry Potter reread for my ‘Rereads’ Challenge
  • I have read (11/50) for my Goodreads Challenge

I think I’ve done okay, considering it’s been only two months (and January was crazy with school) and I’m in my senior year.

The Book Awards

Last week I announced The Book Awards and nominations are still going on! I said last week that there would be a month for nominations, but seeing as that would mean the nominations end right before my third and final testweek (thus my last school exams before the nationals!), I decided to end the nominations on Sunday 29 March. This will be the last day you can nominate. Click here to go to the post and nominate.

Thank you everyone who has nominated and showed enthusiasm for this! I’m really excited about The Book Awards and am so happy that you guys are too!


While I was checking my stats to see what the most popular posts were this month, I found out I now have 300 followers. I have no idea how I could’ve missed that, but THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING. I love every single one of you. Let me find you guys a gif.


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March is going to be exciting and stressful and just everything.


First of all in three weeks I will have my testweek. My last ever testweek at this school, with my last school exams before the national exams in May. I have less tests than last month, but it’s a lot, so I already started this week and I will continue to study these coming weeks. I will not make the same mistake as in January. Thankfully I already have some posts scheduled, but if I’m missing in the blogging community, you’ll know why.

So that’s the stressful part of this month. Now for the exciting: DUTCH COMIC CON.


I’ve been looking forward to this since last summer and I’m getting more excited each day. Especially now that Stanislav Ianevski (VIKTOR KRUM) is coming. I don’t know whether they’re going to announce any more guests or not, but I find the line up quite impressive for a first time. Not to mention it will still be loads of fun and all the merch. I’ll be wearing my Hufflepuff uniform (I’m still contemplating if I should take my wand with me. What if something happens to it?!), so if you’re going on the Sunday as well and you see me, say hi! (though do keep in mind I might not be the only Hufflepuff haha)

The blog might be a bit quieter this month like I said, but I am planning on continuing The Discussing Hufflepuff (hopefully doing at least one of those this month) and there will probably be another ‘The Chosen Ones on Social Media’.

I hope you all had a lovely month and will have an even better March! If you read any of the books I read this month, let me know what you thought! Did you see any of the musicals and/or Paddington? Are you going to DCC and are you just as excited as I am?! Let me know!

– The Writing Hufflepuff