Blogsterdam: POPCULT

Blogsterdam is supposed to be a monthly thing but alas, the blogger behind this blog is very forgetful. She does try to get one up every month though. Look, one is posted on the very last day of November! Two months after the last one! Anyway, Blogsterdam is a blogging series in which this forgetful blogger talks about her hometown Amsterdam, as the city is so much more than drugs, cheese and the Red Light District. 


I had been to the POPCULT stores a few times before, but while I liked the idea of the stores, I never bought something. Until this month.

When the first store appeared they mostly sold Super Mario, Adventure Time and DC comics stuff. While I have played Mario games in the past and love Yoshi, I’m not that much of a fan (do I have to hide now?). I’ve never seen Adventure Time (I only know about it from Tumblr) and at that point I had never seen a DC film (*hides for real this time especially since I still haven’t seen that many. I’M REALLY SLOW*). I could tell though that they had the potential to become a great store. AND THEY HAVE BECOME A GREAT STORE.

They slowly started to get more and more different franchises. Like there’s this Playstation 1 bag I’ve had my eye on since the first day I saw it (it’s rather expensive though and I already have so many bags… though one day!), not to mention this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack in the shape of a shell… I REALLY WANT IT OKAY. BUT MONEY. PLUS MY MOM KEEPS STOPPING ME. Again, one day.

Last time I was in one of their stores though, they had truly become a pop culture store. Their name really does them justice. I should never visit this store without my mom, so she can stop me from making irrational decisions (I DON’T CARE THAT I’M 18 I WANT TO BE A NINJA TURTLE MOM).

They have so many brands now (THEY’RE GOING TO ADD MARVEL SOON- SPIDERMAN YES), that I’m not going to list them for you. It’s really worth a visit though! I got Pikachu sweat pants that aren’t just cute (I mean, it’s Pikachu), but they’re also really warm, soft and thus comfy. I also got a Pikachu hat and my mom bought me a Jigglypuff one (which I’ll receive at Sinterklaas or Christmas. I’m note sure) because I couldn’t choose.

Pikachu sweatpants

Note: The hoodie is not from PopCult. It was made by my mom

I believe (wow it sounds like I’m about to quote Avatar. I’m not) that POPCULT can be the Dutch Hot Topic (I definitely hope so!). If you’re not sure if they have brands that you like, check out their website. I’d also like to point out that their ‘our stores’ page isn’t up to date, as they have more stores! I don’t know all the addresses by heart, but they’re all relatively close together and I’m sure that if you ask in one store they can tell you where the others are (I recommend visiting different stores, as certain products can be sold out at one store but still in stock at the other).