London Day 1 | One Year Later Because PROCRASTINATION

As I’m writing this it’s exactly one year ago since my last day in London

While the previous school year was ridiculously busy, hectic and stressful for me, I could’ve written these posts during the Christmas holidays. I could’ve written these at the end of each term when I had barely anything to do (except sleep. I needed lots of sleep). I could’ve done it over the Summer. So the biggest reason why it took me so long to actually get myself to finally start these posts is

So this is going to be interesting! How much will I remember? Thankfully I have pictures to remind me and help me keep track of what happened each day (sort of). SO LET’S DO THIS

We left on Wednesday, since we had booked tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Thursday and Friday evening. This meant missing school, which I kind of stressed about back when I booked those tickets two years ago but in the end it was fine – I didn’t miss any obligatory classes  🎉

We left Wednesday in the early morning, meeting my aunt and cousin at the airport. I don’t remember much from what we did at the airport, but I don’t think it was anything special? I do vaguely remember getting a sandwich of some sort that at some point made me nauseous #rip

About to border the plane Snapchat #thatdoublechintho

While on the plane I took a few more pictures, but then I laid down my head on my mom’s lap and closed my eyes for a bit. You’re never too big to lie your head in your mom’s lap*

I also remember candy! Yes I ate mentos to fight that Plane Ear Pain™**

* Though physically I unfortunately am
** Look at me!! Remembering stuff!! *wipes away a tear* I’m so proud of me

When we got off the plane we had to take a bus from EasyJet (I think?) which we had already booked. While on that bus I spotted the happiest doggo


(excuse me while I figure out the order of the day because my pictures are not in the right order because some pictures were taken with my old camera, some with my phone and some with my mom’s phone)

We had to get off the bus nearby a metro station, where we could take a metro to our hotel, which was in the Paddington area. This meant it was my goal to acquire a Paddington plushie and take pictures with him in this neighbourhood*

* Spoiler: I succeeded.** Also yes I’m only an adult ON PAPER
** Don’t be confused by the gif I didn’t actually put my Paddington plushie on any roofs. BUT I WOULD’VE IF I COULD’VE

After getting all our stuff to our rooms, we decided to find the theatre, so that we wouldn’t have any trouble with it the next evening (HAHAHAHA WE HAD TROUBLE ANYWAY LEMME TELL YOU*)

* Actually I won’t tell you because SPOILER. We’ll leave that for the second post which at this rate will probably go up sometime next year

Seriously though that day it was so easy to find??

Oh but I’m getting ahead of myself, because you know what was right in front of our hotel? A courtyard. And you know what was in that courtyard?


I swear I was more excited on the inside

After finding the theatre, we went to Forbidden Planet which I wanted to visit for two reasons. 1) Fandom stuff!* 2) At the moment I was blogging about feminism and comics for school, and I wanted to see how much merch with female superheroes they had

* I don’t even remember buying anything?? I remember WANTING all the things, but actually buying something?? No clue. Still a fun store though!

Then we just walked around a bit, trying to find our way to Regent Street, but not before stopping at Starbucks. Y’all I never thought it would happen, but it did


I am way too excited about this

Anyway, so Regent Street! As we tried to get there, my mom constantly played around with her selfie stick* which um kind of got on my nerves at some point? I’m not proud of this photo


* And they say WE are the selfie generation smh

When we finally got to Regent Street, I uh, did another thing I’m not really proud of? Namely abandoning my family. I just… started to walk faster and faster until they had no idea where I was (well they did see me fasten my pace even though they had no idea why)

You wanna know why I did that?

Yep I abandoned my family to follow a pug* like the creepy Pug Stalker™ I am. The picture is very blurry because 1) My old camera was at the end of its life and 2) I didn’t want anyone to notice because I felt awkward. Clearly paparazzi is not the career for me

* If you didn’t know yet that I’m obsessed with pugs you definitely know now

Once I got reunited with my family though (my mom was NOT amused) our next stop was Hamleys, which is always so much fun to visit (she says like she’s been there a bunch of times instead of two)

So when I first saw that picture I thought ‘AHA! I DID BUY SOMETHING AT FORBIDDEN PLANET’ but then I remembered that I had to carry my mom’s bag so it’s probably hers

TEDDY BEAR AND PADDINGTON. Okay so I know what you were thinking: this is it. This is when you bought a Paddington plush so you could make the Paddington area unsafe with your shenanigans.

Nope. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t buy one and then run into a cheaper one later, so I waited. Patience my friends, the Paddington shenanigans shall happen soon*

* If I actually post about it soon lmao. If I keep up this pace it will be in a couple of years

Okay so this is were my memory gets fuzzy and where my pictures don’t help. I KNOW that at some point we ate dinner, because duh. We needed food (I think we ate at Subway?). I just don’t know when exactly, and if we went back to the hotel first? I also know we ended the day at Primark*

*  Well technically at the hotel but details  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And that was day one! I hope I’ll be able to write post 2 soon, before I forget even more lmao. But I’m quite proud of myself. I thought this would be really hard (which resulted in more procrastinating) but I remember quite a bit with the help of my pictures!

Have you ever been to London? Have you been to any of the places I mentioned in this post? Do you love Paddington? Have you ever abandoned your family like that, for whatever reason? Let me know in the comments!

The Little Engine Tag | Another Late Tag What Else is New

Remember when I did a tag that I was tagged for in 2015. Well this time the tag’s from 2016 so that’s slightly better! Evi tagged me to do The Little Engine Tag – thank you and sorry it took me so long haha. Go check out her blog if you haven’t yet


  1. Each answer you give to a question has to be more than two sentences long. Or at the very least, you have to make those two sentences meaningful.
  2. There will be two bonus questions at the end, that the blogger gets to change to whatever they want to ask when they nominate someone else. The first six questions, however, are set in stone.
  3. At the end you must nominate three to five other bloggers. Okay, so you don’t have to, but that would be nice if you could.


1.) What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

I have so many pet peeves yet whenever I get this question I just?? Forget all my pet peeves?? OH I GOT ONE. WHEN BUS DRIVERS DRIVE RECKLESSLY LIKE THANKS FOR THE BRUISE MATE

Also thanks for the mild concussion last year

2) What is your favorite song at the moment?

As I’m writing this: Space Between from Descendants 2. At first I was like: I CAN’T CHOOSE A FAVOURITE SONG FROM THE SOUNDTRACK THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD

But then I realised that of course my favourite is the Gay Song ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3) Who is your favorite blogger?

Oh my gosh I love all of you this is such a cruel question. I mean I do have my favourites, but I always feel so guilty? Because what if I forget someone? And even when I don’t forget someone, I don’t want anyone to think I don’t love them and their blog aaahhh. So I’ll only do a shoutout to the awesome person who tagged me: Evi. Love you and your blog <3 Again, go check out her blog (and follow it *cough*) if you haven’t yet!

4) What’s the nicest thing you’ve seen someone do recently?

Shoutout to my best friend Batman (that’s not her real name sadly) for being an awesome, awesome friend. She’s super understanding, caring and helpful and I’m just so grateful that I met her this school year <3 Like she’s so understanding when it comes to my PTSD and we always help each other with schoolwork and just.. What did I do to deserve her?

Also she’s incredibly funny and shares my weird sense of humour

5) What’s something you regret doing?

Uhhh oh boy I have regrets, that’s for sure. But I can’t think of any right now?? I do regret not properly taking care of myself as I’m typing this I need to drink more guys

Let’s fix that regret immediatley haha

6) If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be and why?

Is there reception and wifi? Because if so I’d take my phone so I can call for help – wait wait wait. This question sounds like I’m knowingly and voluntarily going? Meaning I can leave whenever I want? Cause if that’s the case: camera, phone (just in case I do need to call for help plus while I’m not fond of ebooks I do still have a bunch of unread ones on there so win-win) and a notebook. Wait no how would I write in my notebook, I’d need a pen. I’d bring my laptop, but what if it dies. Damn this question is harder than I thought (also maybe because I’m overthinking it lmao)

Bonus question time!

7) If you could, right now, paint your house any color, what would it be and why?

Oooh I don’t know if our house would look good in any other colours haha? Maybe I’d paint the window sills? My mom and I never really liked the bright yellow, but then again it has been growing on me…

8) What is your ideal pet?

If you know me, then this won’t come as a surprise: A PUG

If you’re new and don’t know me: Hi I’m Michelle and I’m obsessed with these beautiful animals


Because I’m lazy I’m just going to tag everyone who wants to do this.

What colour would you paint your house? Your biggest pet peeves? And what’s your ideal pet? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #16



I’ve been admiring and worshipping the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (and reading it too of course). Expect a review soon!


I really need to write down all the things that I want to mention here because apparently I have a terrible memory (Edit: hey look, I remembered quite a bit!)

I’m not sure how I feel about the Once Upon a Time midseason finale. I have very mixed feelings about it. BUT HEY (minor spoiler in white. If you’ve kept up with casting news it’s not a spoiler at all even if you haven’t seen the finale yet): WE’RE THEY’RE GOING TO THE UNDERWORLD AND I LOVE THE UNDERWORLD AND HERC AND MEG AND HADES THEY BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP (though I’m not sure how I feel about the casting of Herc and Meg)


I started watching The Heirs (Korean drama) this week and I’m quite addicted. I’ll probably write a post about it during my Christmas break.

I visited my grandpa today (which is nothing new
as I visit him every Sunday unless I’m ill/have exams for example) BUT ON MY WAY HOME I PASSED A PUG AND WE STARED AT EACH OTHER AND I SWEAR THERE WAS A CONNECTION. Me @ pug:

I swear I mentally squealed

Also I’ve started wearing hats this week (I know this is not very interesting but the next bit is): I was wearing my Pikachu hat and I passed two dogs who both aggressively barked at me. Is it the Pikachu hat?? Do they hate Pikachu?? What has Pikachu done to them??

If you missed yesterday’s posts (I don’t know in which one I mentioned it): I had a funny dream Saturday night. I dreamed that I was a talking panda with magical powers. I was on a boat with my classmates and we were being chased by some bad guys. I stopped them by creating a tsunami with my panda powers.

WE PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE THIS WEEK. I’ll take some better pictures later this week. Mainly of my new Disney ornaments I got this year that are GORGEOUS


An excerpt of The Hidden Oracle (book one in The Trials of Apollo, a new series by Uncle Rick which will be published next frickin’ year) was released. Read it here, you won’t regret it. I’m SO EXCITED. Way more excited than I am for Magnus Chase’s sequel (just realised I still haven’t posted my review…)

what I posted-2

Not much. I wanted to blog more, but I was so exhausted. There are so many posts I still want to post this month, I might have to post twice a day during my break to do so.


I’m once again behind on reading blogs… Oh well! I try to keep the amount of posts in my Bloglovin feed beneath 100. Here are some of the posts I liked this week:

And that’s a wrap! How was your week? What have you been reading? Are you all set for Christmas yet? I’m not! But that’s what Christmas break is for, right? 


Why I Should Have A Pug

Why I Should Have A Pug

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos/gifs used in this post. If I had a pug to photograph this post wouldn’t even exist

You may know that I’m a little bit (read completely, 100%) obsessed with pugs. I mean: LOOK!

Sadly I don’t have a pug. And I probably won’t have one anytime soon (mostly because it’s too expensive), but here are some reasons why I should have a pug!


If this doesn’t put a smile on your face… Then we have different opinions on what’s cute and what’s not haha. I’ve never seen a not adorable pug. It’s impossible.


Can you just imagine hugging and cuddling such a cutie???


Watching pugs in pictures or on tv makes me happy. Imagine what they’d do for my mood in real life.


I’m going to be honest with you guys. My exercise consists of running for the train, walking to classes and lifting books. Um yeah. NOT HEALTHY. Thus, a dog that needs to be walked would keep me healthy! (yes this reason is totally in here to convince my mom who thinks I should exercise more)


I don’t know if I’ll have kids (not that I don’t want to, but you don’t know where the future will take you), but having to take care of a dog will prepare me for that! Not to mention it will teach me responsibility (not that I’m an irresponsible person, but I’m barely 18 thus there’s still a lot for me to learn!)


They’re often clumsy

And they love food. Basically pugs are my spirit animal


Now if you’ll excuse me I have to send this list to my mom (just kidding. There are valid reasons as to why we can’t have a pug).

So do you share my love for pugs? Are you lucky to own one? Or do you feel my pain? Or… are you wondering why I even think they’re cute? Let me know in the comments!


Orlando Day 3: A Fish Headbutts Me

Previous posts: Orlando Day 1, Orlando Day 2 part 1 and Orlando Day 2 part 2.

It’s time for day 3 and thus day 2 of Universal! You’re probably all wondering what the title was about (A FISH ATTACKED YOU?!), but patience young grasshoppers.

We started our day at Islands of Adventure this time, where our first stop was the Spiderman ride, another one of our favourites. If you’re not familiar with this ride: you step inside a cart with 3D-glasses on with the mission of taking a picture of Spiderman, but of course this means you get in the middle of his fights with some of his enemies. It’s a fun stimulator ride which I really recommend.


Some pictures of the entire day (though there might be pictures from the previous day too).   Look I became a dog for a bit and I practiced for Quidditch. You can also see the infamous fish from my title. After a little show from Spongebob, his friends and some random fish you could take pictures with them (I wanted a picture with Octo but the line was long and it was hot) so I took a picture with that fish. After the photo was taken he either headbutted me or tried to kiss me on the head. I’m not sure which one I’d prefer.

But let’s take a step back in time! When we got off the Spiderman ride and my mom convinced me I didn’t need a very cute Spiderman plush (it’s a good thing really, as we hadn’t been to Disney yet and oh my god guys I don’t think it would have fit in my suitcase or my moms for that matter haha) we bought some fruit and made our way to Hogwarts. We still needed to fly a Hippogriff after all!


Of course selfies needed to be taken and butterbeer had to be drunk

After a few quick selfies (the Butterbeer came after the ride) we immediately made our way to the Hippogriff before it got too busy and got in line.

hippogriff collage_zpsfdaz6r00

I wanted to take a selfie without my mom, but was photobombed by not one, but TWO people (the other person got cut off the photo in the collage). At least no one photobombed my selfie with Buckbeak (I swear I was more enthusiastic than my face looks haha). Also quick on-ride selfies. The first one is on our way up haha. I know my mom looks a bit scared but it’s really not that high! It’s a fun kiddie rollercoaster. Though if you sit in the front you don’t have a net, so you might want to hold on to your bag (which I did the entire ride).

After the ride I got a Butterbeer and did some shopping before we set off to Hogsmeade station. Thankfully the train did ride today, so we got in line which wasn’t that long as it was the beginning of the day. This time my mom made some photos during the train ride (well she made quite a lot of photos but a lot of them are blurry so I won’t share those) and I filmed the train arriving.


Like I said in my previous post, the film on the way from Hogwarts to Diagon Alley and the other way around are different, so make sure to take the train both ways! For more info on the train, visit my previous post.

Once we were back at Diagon Alley we made our way to Gringotts right away, as we really wanted to go again haha. The line was longer this time, but that meant I noticed more details (and like I said in my previous posts it was this day that we saw the Golden Trio and Griphook). This time we were all taken from the line one by one to get your picture taken as a nice memorial (I especially like the map and border of the photo. I don’t even really like the photo itself haha).


Again, if you want to know more about this ride, visit my previous post.

By now we were really hungry, so we decided to find a restaurant (fish and chips was the only thing I liked on the menu of the Leaky Cauldron and I wanted something else that day) so we left Diagon Alley and started our search for a restaurant. First we had to stop at the Men in Black store though (I’m not a fan of the ride. Two years ago I shot at all the aliens but I barely got any points. So either I didn’t understand it or I just suck haha) because PUGS.


You may or may not know that I’m a bit obsessed with pugs (which is ironic really as I’ve been afraid of dogs most my life. Still am, just not of all dogs and definitely not of pugs! But I’m allergic haha). So naturally I had to get this pillow and shirt. I also got a pin and button, but at different shops.

After shopping we continued our search for a place to eat, and in the end we ended up at the Monster Cafe.


Inside they had all these old movie posters from monster films and they were airing Dracula (except on one tv they aired this old animated movie about a mouse. I can’t remember the name sadly! But I thought it was funny and odd that they were airing it at a monster cafe haha), which added to the atmosphere. The food was normal human food, not monster food. No blood pints and limbs or anything.

After our lunch it was time for Revenge of the Mummy again, as it’s really close to the Monster Cafe and like I said in my previous post we love that ride! When we got off we caught the Blues Brothers performing so we watched them for a bit and then went to get ice cream. I was very delighted to find out they sold Ben and Jerry’s.


IT WAS SO GOOD. But I’m biased because I love Ben and Jerry’s.

After some shopping we picked up our purchases at the package pick-up spot and walked back to Islands of Adventure, as my mom had made an appointment with a shop owner to buy a skirt she wanted but didn’t have enough money to buy it the previous day and we needed to pick up our purchases from Islands of Adventure as well.

It started raining again this time, but now we were prepared! We traded our sneakers for our flip-flops and put on our raincoats and made our way out of the park into the nearest Starbucks as we still had some time left before the shuttle from the hotel came to pick us up.

And that was the end of our Universal adventures! I was very sad that we wouldn’t be returning to the Wizarding World, but it also meant that in two days we’d go to Disney! We originally planned to go the next day, but we needed to rest for a day haha. I’ll skip this rest day as it’s not very exciting, except that we pretty much had a private pool for the entire day (on most days actually!). There were hardly any people at the pool, which was awesome.

How do you guys feel about pugs? AREN’T THEY ADORABLE. And Ben and Jerry’s am I right? If you’ve been to the Wizarding World, did you have as much fun as I did? Let me know in the comments!

– The Writing Hufflepuff