MALEC MALEC MALEC | Shadowhunters 1.04 Review

Warning: MAJOR fangirling ahead. Also, just like my previous review, this is pretty detailed

There are a lot of things I wish the show did differently, but so far it seems they’re getting Malec right, which is so important. THE MALEC WAS JUST PERFECT OKAY. When they were at the party and Magnus checked Alec out (can you blame him I mean Matthew Dadario looks better every episode like seriously), Alec helping Magnus and then THEIR MEETING


IT WAS JUST SO PERFECT THE LOOK IN THEIR EYES, THE SMILES AND ALEC STUTTERING BECAUSE HE’S AN AWKWARD CINNAMON ROLL THAT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. AND THEN THE SCENE THAT WAS ALREADY ON YOUTUBE LAST WEEK A.K.A. MY FAVOURITE SCENE OF THE ENTIRE SHOW. It’s just so perfect: Magnus being fab, Jace being offended and Alec being a cute dork with that little shrug of his. And then when Magnus mentions that Michelangelo is good in bed and immediately glances at Alec oh my god. And Alec’s cute shrug again bless. AND THEN WHEN THEY SUMMON THE DEMON (I have a lot to say about this by the way) AND THEY HOLD HANDS AND IZZY’S LOOK AND WHEN THE DEMON IS DEFEATED AND ALEC WALKS OF AND MAGNUS FOLLOWS HIM AND TELLS HIM NOT TO BE ASHAMED. MY POOR BABY ALEC THOUGH.

Okay so now time for some none Malec-related things!

Clary dreamed that Magnus ripped out her brain what? Was that an exaggeration or a nightmare? Look, I may have never gotten my Hogwarts letter, but I doubt erasing someone’s memories involves ripping out someone’s brain. But hey, what do I know.

I didn’t talk about this in my last review, because I reviewed two episodes in one and I didn’t want to make it too long, but how do you guys feel about that opening? I wish they could’ve just gone with one simple shot of ‘SHADOWHUNTERS’ in a cool font or something and spend their budget on something else (*cough cough* like their CGI *cough cough*). Can you tell I’m not a fan of that opening?

Alberto Rosende was on point again. His concern for Clary was real and I loved how he called Jace ‘Captain America’ and yelled ‘come at me bro’. Bless Alberto. Also the hurt on his face when Clary won’t leave with him.

I really think Dominic needs to work more on his character. He’s just too emotionless a lot of the time, when I don’t think that’s who Jace is. Yes, he puts up a facade, but not an emotionless mask. He’s cocky and sarcastic, while when Dominic delivers his sarcastic remarks, he usually does so by barely changing his expression. Of course he’s not emotionless all the time, but it really stood out to me this time when he said he wasn’t saving Simon’s ass again.


Look, Simon’s sister isn’t very important, so I don’t care if she exists on the show or not, but at least stay consistent writers.

I’m sorry but Hodge’s rune is still stupid and annoying. Really wish they wouldn’t have gone with this. Not to mention Clary’s necklace. I really don’t know which one of the two I find more annoying. And can someone please explain to me how it works? Because now Valentine knew she was watching? How? 


And why does Magnus ‘long to reunite’ with that necklace? He gave it to Will? He didn’t want it anymore? What?? But then later on Magnus says that the Lightwoods have been wearing it for a long time, so maybe he did give it away? It’s just. What. I was very confused by the whole ‘baiting’ Magnus thing. He’s not a dog guys. He’s a cat. Sorry that was a terrible joke. But speaking of his cat eyes, didn’t he have those all the time? Are they saving on their CGI budget, because um. Contacts? Or is Harry Shum Jr. allergic?

That scene with Valentine and Pangborn with the poison gas coming out of his mouth was incredibly confusing. Did Valentine say that Magnus did that to Pangborn? What did he do? What happened to him? What was he? Or is it because they’re being idiots and hanging out in Chernobyl?

‘Never to early for teriyaki’ I feel you Luke. I feel you.


Izzy dressing Clary was adorable (okay Izzy is adorable in the first place but still), but that pink dress that she gave Clary at first? That’s not Izzy-like at all. I wrote down that they kept a line from the book, but I don’t remember- oh yeah that Clary is lucky to have such a flat chest. Seriously though, if you’re going to keep a line from the book, why are you going for that line? I SWEAR IF THEY GET TO CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS AND THEY DON’T KEEP THE MANGO SCENE, BUT THEY DO KEEP THIS LINE. Anyway, I loved that she went off to help Alec dress too. And good job Izzy, Alec looks mighty fine

Sooo…. Why is Jace sort of teaching Clary about the seraph blade again? Didn’t we go over this already last episode? You know, in that super cheesy, cliché scene in which Clary learned how to use a seraph blade in like five minutes? Also am I the only one who’s disappointed that they don’t name the blade? I know it’s a minor thing, but it’s part of the Shadowhunter world/culture and I always thought it was pretty cool and unique. Now it just looks like some kind of Star Wars rip off.

I already talked about Malec (and loads about Alec in previous reviews), but let’s talk about Magnus separately. I seriously love Harry’s portrayal of him. The sass, his voice, his gesture, the clothes (remember how they forgot to give him trousers in the movie), the way he walks… Harry is definitely one of the best cast members. And I loved that he wanted to protect Clary. It made him look like the caring person he actual is. ALSO HE MENTIONED TESSA


And then it’s time for some more Lightwood sibling time! I wish we could’ve seen Izzy picking out Alec’s clothes for him, which would’ve been cute and funny, but alas, we can’t have everything. I just really love their relationship and I like how Emeraude and Matthew are portraying it so far. Izzy constantly looking after him and giving him advice and Alec sharing his worries with her. Also that smile

So I’m still not sure how I feel about Clary, or about Clary and Jace, but I love how many Clizzy scenes we’re getting. SHE CALLED HER IZ.

Okay so. The memory demon. I have to say, it makes sense that Magnus gave them away so that Valentine would never be able to get them, but I still have mixed feelings about it. Especially when Magnus said that they’d have to each pay the demon with a memory of the person they loved most, and Jace’s face showed up as Alec’s most loved person (he’s Izzy’s most loved person- SIBLING LOVE). I feel like the whole demon was just a way to out Alec and I don’t like that. I am glad that the demon had a name though, and that he wasn’t just called ‘memory demon’ because seriously. And don’t get me started on the CGI. And Clary easily killing a greater demon? When she has no experience whatsoever? Not to mention she basically killed it with one hit? What?? I did love that Jace immediately ran at Alec and basically sacrificed himself. And Magnus’ ‘I don’t know does he normally lay like that without moving’ bless you Magnus.

Oh and the whole tracking thing and then Parabatai tracking thing

Okay so back to the memory demon, because I just remembered (actually my notes reminded me) that I’m not done yet. Why does Clary need a rune to summon the demon? Warlocks summon demons all the time, they don’t need runes for that? Is it because she has no magic, thus she needs a rune for it? I just don’t get it. Also are you seriously telling me Warlocks need to draw that much detail? The pentagram was ridiculous. Or was that just to have Magnus mention Michelangelo? Also um, I’m pretty sure Magnus isn’t that old? Wasn’t he born around 1600? Didn’t Michelangelo die before that? And even if around 1600 means like 1580 or something, Michelangelo was old by that time. And not like immortal old. But I’ll forgive them BECAUSE HIS GLANCE AT ALEC AND ALEC’S SHRUG AND


But what was with those sound effects when they grabbed each other’s hands?

All in all, I’m a happy fangirl. Magnus had plenty of screen time, Alec was perfect again, MALEC, Lightwood sibling time, Clizzy, Simon though mostly absent was on point (and he’s going back to Dumort! Things are getting interesting) and there were some pretty good lines and jokes. I haven’t given up on this show yet, but it still needs a lot of improvement. It’s still enjoyable though! I even laugh at the bad stuff (even though it’s funny, you still need to improve on those points Shadowhunters. I’d like to not see you cancelled please because you do have potential and the cast just seems so lovely)

MALEC FANS WERE/ARE YOU ALSO REALLY EXCITED AFTER THIS EPISODE?! At least about Malec. I can’t blame you if there were things you were less excited about. Let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments!