I’ve Abandoned the S.S. Clace | Shadowhunters 1.06 Review

The episode starts with a ‘previously on Shadowhunters’ like always, BUT NOW WE GOT A MALEC FLASHBACK. At least that looks promising.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand I still think it’s getting better with each episode, on the other…

Let’s talk about Jace. The past few episodes I haven’t been a particular fan of Dominic’s portrayal of Jace, but now? Who even is this? Book!Jace is sarcastic but usually not in a mean way (it’s been a while since I read the books, therefore I put the ‘usually’ there), he’s cocky but not in an annoying, makes me want to kick his ass kind of way and he’s lovable. There’s a reason Clary and so many of us fans fell in love with him, but tv show!Jace? I’m starting to not just dislike him, but possibly even hate him. He’s being downright mean and he’s so arrogant it makes me want to strangle him, forget kicking his ass. I don’t know who this imposter is, but it’s not the Jace I know and it’s not the guy I ship Clary with. If Alberto Rosende wasn’t the perfect Simon (with the occasional out of character moments that don’t really make sense but I’ll get to that later), I’d jump onto the Clizzy ship because I ship them a lot on the show. Screw that, I’m multishipper trash so I’ll just steer two ships.

As you all know I’m in love with Alberto Rosende as Simon. My problems with Simon this week aren’t with Alberto (I doubt they ever will), but with the writers. I get what they’re doing. If you haven’t read the books, just skip until you see SPOILERS OVER. So obviously Simon is already turning. Fine, I knew it wouldn’t be one season per book, but why is Simon suddenly getting short-tempered and violent? AND WHERE DID THAT KNIFE COME FROM?

Look, the beauty of vampire Simon is that he’s still Simon. He’s dorky, funny, adorable. He’s not violent. Repeat after me: vampire Simon is still Simon. Now quickly correct this mistake writers.


Okay so… That vision Luke had in which Jocelyn told him to tell Clary everything? What was that? Dear writers, Luke is a werewolf, not a psychic, not a demigod, a werewolf. He’s not supposed to have visions. Jocelyn shouldn’t be able to ‘visit’ him in dreams. It was just plain weird. Unless this was a memory he remembered? But it didn’t look like that to me? I’m just very confused.

Let’s take a break from the negativity and talk about the blessing that is Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus. I love how much screen time he got again this episode (THEY BETTER KEEP THIS UP. MAGNUS IS A MAIN CHARACTER), his acting was on point again, I love his hair and his wardrobe. Basically, he’s perfect.

Speaking of Magnus, let’s talk about Malec. ‘I need Alexander’

I’m so glad the whole I need ‘virgin Shadowhunter energy’ thing was a lie though. I wouldn’t have put it past the writers to actually make that a thing. I don’t even care that he did need Shadowhunter strength or something, it led to more wonderful Malec (though I swear it didn’t make sense, I’ll forgive them because my love for Malec runs deep). Just: Malec holding hands, the look in Magnus’ eyes

And then Magnus leaning into Alec and Alec asking if he was okay and them sharing a drink and Magnus saying ‘to us’. TO US TO US TO US TO US

Alec’s face when he drank the drink, Magnus being a cutie and then saying ‘I wanted to see you’ and then Matthew’s acting being so on point; you could see the insecurity and him looking away and asking why and the emotion in Magnus’ eyes when he says he hasn’t loved anyone in a century and Alec’s stuttering and Magnus holding up his finger and Alec’s smile and Magnus’ understanding

By the way I’m writing to you guys from the afterlife because I’m dead because of all the feels

It’s time to talk about the horrible CGI again! To be honest I’m used to Magnus’ magic, but I’ll never get used to the weird slow motion in which the Shadowhunters sometimes move and then the way they speed up the running I just can’t

You know who I haven’t given enough love yet? Izzy. I’ve talked about her in previous reviews, but not enough. While usually Alec or Simon steals the show for me (closely followed by Magnus when he has more than one scene), Izzy was the star of the show this time. Not that I didn’t love her in other episodes, but oh my God was this one perfect for her. Her scenes made me tear up; her relationship with Maryse; playing with Max; standing up, looking after and protecting Alec… Her last scene really made me tear up guys. She wants her big brother to be happy so much I just can’t

Emeraude’s acting was so on point and she’s just perfect as Izzy

Speaking of the Lightwoods, Max is adorable and I love him. His interacting with his siblings is just perfect. Hahaha if they get to City of Glass we’re all so screwed (that hahaha is maniacal laughter by the way). I also loved how they showed us that Maryse is human and that she does care about her kids, including Izzy. Her scene with Alec was adorable to watch (‘I was so proud when you broke his nose’ and of course I swooned at Alec’s smile is that even a surprise to any of you) and so was Izzy’s with her dad for like… The first second. Papa Lightwood went from 100 to 0 very quick.

So Clary in this episode… Barely any Clace, which is good to me since I don’t ship them at all in the show and I still think Kat’s acting is best with the rest of the cast. There were moments that she delivered a line that really reminded me of the fierce Clary we know and love, plus her scenes with Luke were heartwarming. It did really bother me that she said ‘bring it Warlock’, like excuse me Clary Fray/Fairchild who calls Shadowhunters out on their shit for looking down on Mundanes and Downworlders would not call Magnus ‘Warlock’. Besides the writers are contradicting themselves ’cause later on she’s disgusted by Valentine’s beliefs and points out that many Downworlders so far helped her? Then why would she call Magnus ‘Warlock’? And why is she acting like a courtroom artist? But her and Alec bonding (‘Then I’m glad you did it for you’); I’m down for this. I’m so down for this.

So the flashbacks… I like young Valentine’s acting, but why is he using a regular sword instead of a seraph blade? (fun fact while taking notes I actually wrote lightsaber instead). It just didn’t make sense. Also I don’t like how they changed the story. I love that Jocelyn and Luke got an army together, how Shadowhunters and Downworlders fought alongside each other which only made the Accords stronger. I get that that story might be a bit long for one episode, but I’m sure they could’ve figured something out. Also I’m not sure how I feel about Magnus telling the story (though I love that he sounds like a professional narrator), but thankfully Luke continues it and drops a bomb on both Clary and us book fans: Valentine became a horrible human being because Jocelyn and Luke betrayed him: they fell in love. Okay first of all: Valentine was always that way. Second of all: yes, Valentine did know that Luke was in love with Jocelyn and thus led him to those werewolves, but Luke and Jocelyn didn’t betray him. It was Valentine who betrayed them. I really don’t like this change at all.

But I do really love Isaiah as Luke. He’s calm and kind, and I really do love his and Clary’s relationship. Also he really cracked me up when he went ‘Yeah. I MEAN NO’ when Clary suggested that he and Jocelyn had slept with each other. It did bother me that at some point during the story he had gotten up; like you’re healing?? Get the hell back to bed Lucian.

Okay to sum this up: I think the writing of the overal plot of each episode is getting more solid. It doesn’t feel like it’s all over the place anymore and the pace is getting pretty good. I do not ship Clace on the show. Simon being aggressive is not okay. Izzy was the queen of the episode. Alec, Simon (when the writers didn’t write him out of character), Magnus, Luke and Maryse were on point. Max was adorable. Kat’s acting is either improving or it’s because she has less scenes with Dom. I feel like the stage has been set up for the rest of the season and I really hope it continues to improve (though I realise that this review might sound quite negative haha. I did enjoy the episode!). Plus Malec is still on point.

Some other points:

  • I still refuse to believe that’s how you pronounce Idris
  • Magnus calling Simon and Jace Clary’s boy toys and Clary not even denying it
  • I’m siriusly in love with Magnus’ hair in this episode
  • What bastard dared beat up Alec Baewood when he was an adorable little cinnamon roll (he’s still a cinnamon roll, but a tall cinnamon roll)
  • Alec looking out for his mama: ‘We’re Lightwoods, we break noses and accept the consequences’ though thinking about this line, this is probably why Maryse is convinced that Alec should be the one forced into marriage…
  • Luke looked so out of place in Magnus’ bed I love it
  • Why was Jocelyn hiding that she was an artist (okay I know they explained this but it really bothers me)

We’re halfway there and I’m still looking forward to new episodes, which is good right? How did you feel about this episode, particularly about Jace? (remember when I was naive and said that the characters were on point during the pilot haha I was so cute) Let me know in the comments!

Ps. the title suggests I don’t ship Clace anymore. I still ship them in the books! Just not on the show. Just to make things clear