Give Alberto Rosende All The Awards Already | Shadowhunters 1.07 Review

Time for another Shadowhunters review! We’re halfway through the first season now and I must say, the writing really is getting better. The pace in this episode felt just right and the combination of the multiple storylines is done well.

SPOILER WARNING: Like always, this review is very detailed 

Let’s start with Alberto Rosende, because this was his best episode yet. If Shadowhunters doesn’t get a second season, someone please offer him a main role on something else because he’s so talented it’d be a waste. The way he portrayed Simon losing his mind was brilliant. And when he was crying? Damn son.

And his family played a pretty important role in the episode! I hate the absence of families in YA, so I love that we got to see the Lewis family, their dynamic and worrying about Simon. But after breaking that desk, why did they leave at some point? Uh I’d be really worried about my son/brother and not leave him alone. But apart from that I really enjoyed seeing them.

Speaking of Simon, what was that in the beginning? It just felt like it came out of nowhere to me. If they had hinted at it in the last episode, it wouldn’t have seemed so random. And then when he hallucinates Clary being there instead of Maureen and he puts his glasses on. Yes Simon put your glasses on because without them you can’t differentiate them.

Sadly Magnus was barely in this episode, but the way he shut Jace up (parallel to the way he shut him up in episode 4) was brilliant. Also ‘it’d be like Beyonce riding a dinosaur’. Damn I love tv!Magnus. Thank you Shadowhunters for giving us a perfect portrayal of our favourite Warlock.

Let’s talk about my favourite siblings! Izzy is still captain of the Malec ship and I love seeing it since we don’t get much of that in the books, especially in CoB since Alec and Izzy barely appear. I love how she tries to get through to him that he can tell her everything and that she always tells him everything about her personal live. Ah and then my favourite scene when they’re at the police station and Izzy is like ‘it’s good practice for asking out Magnus’. Alec was such a dork in this scene; it was perfect. And it was so badass how he threw the ID at Izzy and the way she caught it. And seeing Izzy trying to be what her parents want (and basically turning into a mini Maryse especially in that dress) is heartbreaking.

I haven’t really talked about this yet, but is anyone else annoyed how quickly Clary adjusts to the Shadow World and how she’s really good at the Shadowhunter thing? I’m glad she didn’t deglamourise herself in one go, but still. It’s just not realistic how fast she’s learning, and if she’s such a natural, why wasn’t she carrying a lightsaber seraph blade? Did she really have to take out the Cup and threaten the demon with it? But speaking of Clary: SHE KICKED ASS IN THIS EPISODE. I was so annoyed because I thought she was falling for that demon’s trick and then BAM. Seraph blade. But if you were carrying that all along, why didn’t you use that instead of the Mortal Cup? The writers sure know how to contradict themselves. But it was awesome. Tv!Clary is slowly winning my respect and love.

I actually really loved the scene in which Clary tries to create a distraction. Dom’s acting wasn’t that bad in it and it actually felt like book!Clace. Also Vargas standing up for Clary. That’s what I’m here for. But that might not have been the real Vargas. Why did Vargas have to die? I actually liked Vargas damnit.

But I’m still not too happy with Jace. He didn’t upset me as much as he did in last episode, but I’m not okay with him just grabbing Clary’s phone and turning it off. That is incredibly controlling and disturbing, okay. Though to be honest I’m more upset that Clary wasn’t upset about that. It’s not up to him that Simon’s problem will have to wait, it’s up to Clary. Rant over (about this subject)

So while I liked the distraction scene, I’m not sure how I felt about the rest of Clace. It’s not just that I don’t ship Clace on the show, it’s just that it felt too fast and out of place. I’m just not feeling the kiss, guys. Also when Clary has to draw a rune on herself in the elevator, and chooses her shoulder out of all the clear skin? I laughed so hard guys, like that’s so illogical. I get that the writers did that so she’d need Jace’s help and we’d get a ~Clace~ moment, but come on. This makes no sense. She literally looked at her arms and went ‘nope, my shoulder makes a perfect spot!’ So this rune gives them night vision… Then why is Clary carrying witch light not much later? Writers you’re contradicting yourself

While I’m not a fan of tv!Jace, I do love that we got some Parabatai again in this episode and that Jace refused to leave Alec behind. Also mama Alec staying behind to protect the others and get the Cup to the institute. Yes please.

Some other points:

  • ’50 shades of amazing’ did Simon just make a 50 Shades reference how about 50 shades of no
  • ‘You always fall for the bad boys right. Oh is that just me?’ Vargas was clearly the protagonist of a YA novel in her teens
  • ‘And I need a slice of pizza’ same
  • ‘Your friends have a habit of turning up dead’ uuh isn’t Vargas the first one? At least that this Internal Affairs guy should know of? Did I miss something or did they just put it in the script so they could make that Facebook joke?
  • Lack of Magnus, BUT Malec hints plus the sneak peek… 😍
  • Let’s spread out – that sounds like a good plan. If only Simon had been there to make a joke about horror movies and splitting up *sigh*
  • I really, really love Camille
  • That last shot though. I laughed so hard. Just the weird speed up I can’t 

Guys I really think things are looking up for Shadowhunters. Though there were a few contradictions, the writing was so much better compared to earlier episodes. Plus Alberto-give-him-all-the-awards-already-Rosende like damn. How has he not been discovered yet?

So what did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments!