Protect Lydia Branwell 2k16 | Shadowhunters 1.08 Review

Before I start this review I want to thank all of you for the lovely messages on my wrap up yesterday. You are the sweetest ❤ I’m feeling a bit better today and since I want to keep up with my Shadowhunters reviews (I’m so proud that I have reviewed every episode so far. I really thought that I would’ve at least missed one by now haha) and I love doing them I decided to go for it.

SPOILER WARNING: As always this is a pretty detailed review

We start with a pretty dramatic scene between Clary and Jace: ‘oh my god what if I didn’t have the cup I would’ve been dead’

Clary please. We went over this last week. You had a lightsaber* in your bag. You didn’t need the cup. Then Izzy enters the scene, being badass as usual: ‘There’s nothing a Shadowhunter can’t do in heels’. Alec points out how dangerous it is to keep the cup with them, but Jace and Clary disagree. Clary promises that she’ll keep the cup save blabla. ‘You have her word’ Jace says. This is how I expected Alec to respond (also how I responded)

sassy alec

* I’ve decided to call seraph blades lightsabers from now on because 1) that’s what they look like to me 2) I automatically call them that anyway (I kid you not) 

They hide the cup at the same place where they hid the necklace (anyone with a stele can open that hidden compartment thing, is this really such a great hiding place? I have a bad feeling about this) and then ALARM! There’s something coming towards the institute so naturally they grab their lightsabers and go out to investigate


Sorry not sorry

When I look at this screenshot they also sort of look like weird wands or flashlights. Interesting

Anyway, it’s Raphael carrying a dead/not dead Simon and they take him to some sketchy basement in the institute. I mean


Anyway, let’s get a bit more serious and fangirl (that is very serious business okay?) over Raphael because damn he’s perfect. He’s annoyed, sassy, looks 100% done with everyone shit like 99% of the time and I love that he undermined Camille once again. Speaking of Camille (whose portrayal I absolutely adore as well) what exactly happened to her at the end? The vampires closed in on her and then Raphael said ‘it’s done’ but um. What is? Did I miss something while I was writing down my notes?

Unfortunately things need to get a little bit negative again. I have mixed feelings about Clary in this episode. One moment she’s crying, frustrated, angry with herself etc. and then the next she’s sitting in Simon’s living room, about to tell his mom that he’s ‘not going to come home’ and she isn’t very emotional? I am glad that at the end when she was about to bury Simon she was too emotional to do it; at least that felt realistic to me (also Raphael awkwardly standing next to her bless. I just rewatched that scene and he kind of pulls her away from the grave in a comforting way?? STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS)

I wasn’t too sure about Jace telling the falcon story at this point (Clary’s ‘are you seriously telling me this story right now’ was me), but I’m sorry writers for doubting you. I actually get where you were going with it and actually I like it more than the moment he told it in the book as a ‘bedside story’ for Clary. Now the message ‘to love is to destroy’ really means something, as Clary loves Simon so much that she’ll bring him back as a vampire, and probably destroy him. Kudos to you writers.

Now time to talk about the woman that this post is named after: Lydia Branwell. When I first heard of her character last year I wasn’t sure how I felt about her. I’m always a bit wary of original characters in adaptations, but damn I love Lydia. Sadly I’ve already seen quite a bit of hate towards her, and that makes me incredibly sad. Guys, Malec is canon in the books and going to be canon in the show. Please don’t hate Lydia for ‘standing in the way’. She’s an amazing, strong female character. The way she caught that arrow was awesome. She seems like a caring person, the way she comforted Alec. She treated Luke, a downworlder, as an equal. She can’t wait to meet Magnus (also a downworlder) and basically fangirled. Most importantly: DID YOU SEE THAT BIG GOOFY SMILE WHEN SHE MENTIONS HER ANCESTOR HENRY BRANWELL AND MAGNUS AND HOW THEY INVENTED THE PORTAL AND HOW PROUD SHE IS. Please don’t hate on Lydia because of Malec. If you don’t like her as a character, that’s fine! But remember: Alec and Magnus haven’t known each other for that long and Alec wants to save his family. He is following his heart. He heard his parents worrying about him, Izzy, Max and Jace and wanted to help and protect them. It’s very in character for Alec. Also I can see Allydia blossom into a great friendship that I’m down for. They better not kill her off. I will find you writers *whisper* I will.


I love this change so much. BLESS YOU WRITERS BLESS YOU AND DID I MENTION BLESS YOU. And the fact that she figured out why the ‘Forsaken’ had angel blood and what was going to happen. Hell yeah. I just want to fly to America and hug the writers for this change like seriously.

Also did I mention how much I love it that Magnus is actually a main character? (I mean I love how we see a lot of characters on a regular basis in general). And that he’s not just there as Alec’s love interest. Lydia called him to help them out, because he’s the High Warlock of Brooklyn and incredibly powerful. Also he listened to Alec and gave him advice.

And Alec stumbling over his words when Lydia mentions Magnus. So in character. ‘Magnus is quite magical. He’s very good at magic.’

Simon was mostly ‘dead’ this episode, but oh my god once again: give this guy all the awards. And if we don’t get a second season, give him the lead in something. He’s too talented to waste. Why though, does he still look handsome covered in dirt and blood like that. Alberto what’s your secret

Other things:

  • MAX IS SUCH A CUTIE PIE HE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS – so basically we’re screwed
  • Alec immediately jumped into action when Lydia walked in disguised as Valentine and protecting Max
  • That rune she uses to disguise herself though – is that a rune made up by Cassandra Clare or the show? I find it a bit annoying since it would be really convenient if Shadowhunters could disguise themselves like that. I mean Valentine or his men could easily disguise themselves and walk into the institute like that, so why don’t they? Especially now they know Clary has the cup (though Lydia’s entrance was badass)
  • I’m so happy that Izzy’s jealousy of Lydia had nothing to do with appearances but with how she caught the arrow. I was so annoyed when they implied she was jealous, because I’m so used to the media throwing women being jealous of each other at us all the time
  • Clary threw a great punch and I loved that little smile when she turned around. She was so proud of herself
  • Fun fact: before I saw the episode I already saw a gif of Alec proposing, but since I didn’t hear any intonation it looked like Alec was proposing to himself (‘will you marry me, Alec Lightwood?’) I mean if this were coming from Jace that would be 100% in character but this is Alec
  • Take note Alec Baewood haters: when you hurt our bae, Hodge will take care of you
  • Please stop with the speed effects it looked ridiculous when Simon and Raphael ran away
  • All the Lightwood family moments give me so many feels
  • The ‘Forsaken’ looks like a lovechild of a zombie and a troll (mainly because of the way they walk and that they carry a bat or something which I always associate with trolls for some reason?)

So what did you think of this episode? Have you noticed that my reviews are getting less and less negative?! (as in I give what I like to call constructive criticism wrapped up in a joke). The first half of the season was a bit of a mess (though that doesn’t mean there weren’t things that I didn’t love!), but I really hope were getting a second season