Who Needs A Heart Anyway Certainly Not Me | Shadowhunters 1.09 Review

SPOILER WARNING: As always very detailed. Also one minor book spoiler if you haven’t read uh… all of the books. Sorry, I don’t remember which book this was revealed in, but it’s really minor.

Can we start out with wondering how the hell Alberto Rosende still looks this good after dying, being buried and drinking blood. Like how. Teach us Alberto. Teach a class: How To Remain Pretty When Dead, Buried And/Or Covered in Blood 101

I don’t know about you guys, but I really love where the show is going. Is it perfect? No. Are there some (small) changes that I don’t like? There probably always will be. Has it improved A LOT? HELL YES. I just love how so many characters are getting screen time, yet it doesn’t feel like too much. And they aren’t just there or a love interest, they are actually important to the plot and even have their own storyline. This is definitely a change I’m thrilled with. While the first book is mostly about Jace and Clary (and sort of Simon but he doesn’t really play much of a big role next to being Clary’s best friend and being the second love interest), the show is just as much about Alec, Izzy, Simon and Magnus who grow into main characters throughout the books instead of right from the start. And it’s also about their families, other Shadowhunters like Lydia and Downworlders like Luke (who  was pretty absent until the end of the book), Raphael and even Meliorn (who is actually an interesting character while I couldn’t care less about him in the books and I’m actually digging his relationship with Izzy but more on that later). And they’re already including so many other little storylines, like the Downworlders and the way they are treated by the Nephilim and Clary saying that they’re a second generation who believe in equality (thus building up to City of Glass which I absolutely love. I’m so down for all these new alliances). But let’s get started on discussing the episode in more depth!

I praised Raphael in last week’s episode, but he was once again on point. ‘I swear if this kid ruins on more jacket’ made me laugh out loud. He’s got his priorities straight. And of course: ‘this is not a hotel’ ‘technically it is’ and Raphael’s once again 100% done face.

Is anyone else getting really annoyed by Jace cupping Clary’s face and than that look on her face when she looks at him? And then Clary’s like ‘we need to talk about us’. Um. Excuse me. I think your best friend, Simon Lewis – remember him? You just basically turned him into a vampire – is running somewhere in New York City, very confused, very angry, probably hungry from all the running and ready to eat someone (McMom – I’m sorry I’m a horrible human being), he just really needs you right now? Talking about ‘us’ is not what you need to do right now. And Jace, you just heard that Alec, your best friend, Parabatai, brother, is hurt, and just a second ago you were in a hurry to go to him (YAY), so what are you doing? And of course they kiss. They need to learn about priorities from Raphael. It just really bothered me since it felt really out of character for both of them, who do everything for their best friends.

Speaking of our two Parabatai, while I’m still not a big fan of the way Jace is written and portrayed (especially two episodes ago when he was being downright mean), I love how they write the Parabatai scenes. They really do show us how important this bond between them is. ‘I don’t want to be alive if we’re on different sides’ was a great line and while I’m really anxious about them not being on the same side and where this is going, I actually love this development. I think their relationship is only going to be stronger after this.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t break my heart though. I thought it was a bit ironic that Jace and Izzy said that Alec can’t see the bigger picture, but I doubt they can? Jace’s entire motivation in this episode was based on Clary, Izzy’s on Meliorn. And while saving Meliorn was (hopefully) the right thing to do, Alec had a point as well. Should they torture Meliorn? No, but he was right to doubt that Meliorn was telling the truth. And if anyone attacks Lydia for her decision I will fight them because that poor thing was reliving her fiancé’s death. But I did love that they realised that Alec was having a hard time because he found out about their parents’ past and that they didn’t attack him personally. They aren’t dropping him in favour of their love interest. Oh and Magnus’ face in this scene

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‘Don’t touch me’

Like I mentioned before I actually like Izzy and Meliorn’s relationship on the show. I was never a fan of it in the books, but I don’t remember it even really being a relationship in the first place? We barely saw any of it anyway. They really seem to care about each other and I love that Izzy never gave up on him. It also fits with the change they made in Izzy’s character. In the books she knew her father had cheated on Maryse (which I doubt she does on the show since she’s a daddy’s girl), which made her very cautious when it came to love. Izzy risking so much for Meliorn really shows what a great person she is and fits with the ‘we’re a second generation of shadowhunters who believe in equality’ speech Clary gave. But I do still ship Sizzy and Clizzy more though (on the show I really ship Clizzy more actually)

Also can we talk about my favourite cinnamon roll that is Lydia Branwell I will seriously be so upset if they kill her off or it turns out she’s evil. If she is evil, please redeem her, I might forgive you then (but I will still be hella pissed). The way she entered the scene and introduced herself to Jace was adorable. And she was clearly fangirling about Jace when she called him a legend. I can just imagine Lydia before she left Idris thinking: ‘I’m going to meet the Lightwoods. I’m going to meet the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. I’m going to meet the best Shadowhunter of our generation, Jace Wayland’ and just getting giddy about it. Izzy’s face at the news of the engagement broke my heart though. She tried so hard to protect her brother, even went as far to try and change herself (when she was comfortable with who she was despite her mom’s comments, which is so inspiring). I can totally understand why she was angry with Alec at that moment.

You know how in many young adult novels families are absent? This kind of counts for TMI too. Yes, Robert and Maryse do appear in the books, but they’re absent in the first one and don’t appear that much in the others either. Nor do Jocelyn, especially in the first three books, and Simon’s mom only appears like once, and his sister barely appears either, but while Jocelyn is still kind of absent (but we can’t blame her for that), the Lightwoods and Lewises are kind of a big part of the show, and I really love that. Especially that we get to see quite a lot of Simon and his mom and his sister too. The scene was pretty emotional and I loved to see how much his mom cared for him and looked out for him. And then we get the scene with Alec and his father and Alec tells him that they made him feel like he was never good enough. Both family scenes broke my heart, but in different ways.

Kat’s acting is still improving, though the scene with Simon in the Hotel Dumort was a bit overacted, I really do like Clary’s character development. She’s slowly turning into a leader and using her wits. I could really see the Clary from City of Glass in her. I loved how much they focused on Climon and that things weren’t okay at first and that Simon was mad at her, but in the end they worked it out and they’re still Climon, even though Simon is now living at Hotel Dumort.

Oh and can we get more of Luke/Raphael/Simon please? I loved their dynamic so much. The banter between Luke and Raphael and then Simon’s ‘BOOM’ and the box between him and Luke was so funny and adorable. More please

Let’s talk about Magnus because he too ripped my heart out. His ‘we should at least go to dinner first’ joke was so in character, especially since you could see him trying to hide the hurt in his face. Harry is such a good actor and he really gets his character. Oh and Alec telling him that family is everything to him and thanking him for his advice. Why don’t you take my heart, will you? Along with Izzy and Simon. And Lydia.

Other things:

  • I laughed so hard when Jace took that selfie to show Clary what rune to draw. I had no idea what was going on so it was hilarious
  • ‘Why would they think that?’ Clary asked when Jace told her the Clave think she’s working with Valentine. Uh, maybe because you didn’t tell them you found the cup and that’s really suspicious?
  • So are there cameras at the Institute or not? Or just in certain rooms? Because they were watching the interrogation, but apparently Alec hiding the Cup and Jace removing it isn’t caught on camera. It’s good to know that only Alec’s stele could open it though, because I was wondering if it really was a good hiding place (which it is unless you have a powerful Warlock on your side)
  • Luke’s face when he promises an alliance with the werewolves was priceless
  • Izzy looked so pretty this episode. I mean, she always does but I love her hair like that (at the end of the episode)
  • Why does Jace always have to draw a rune on Clary’s neck/shoulder or something when there are more convenient places I find it hilarious. Like I get it, you’re in love, but just draw a rune on her arm please
  • Please stop with the slow motion fighting scenes. It’s not necessary. I promise. The fighting scenes are fun to watch without it, really.

So how did you feel about this episode? Let me know in the comments!