Hi, I’d like one AU spin off, please | Shadowhunters 1.10 Review

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be aware that this is a very detailed review. Also, this review has a pretty big spoiler in case you haven’t read the books, especially the first one

While at first I had no idea what they were talking about and had no idea what was going on, I actually really liked the idea of Clary’s necklace being a part of a portal in an alternative dimension (can you see why I was having trouble following this at first since I’m exhausted and pretty much a zombie right now). They couldn’t just wait around for Valentine to show up like they did in the book (okay they didn’t actually wait for him, but you know what I mean). It would be really boring to watch, and what would they do at this point in the show? Clary wants to find her mom, that has been her sole objective the entire time and along the way she started to hate Valentine and wants to take him down, something Jace really wants to do to. And if they have to go through an alternative universe to get there, thus showing us some perfection, I’m down with it. Also the necklace was actually pretty important! I’m still iffy about it but at least they didn’t use it all the time to see what was going on, which would be a really lazy plot device and now Clary no longer has it.

Okay so the AU. Seriously can I have a spin off pretty please. I know there are no demons and Shadowhunters but stiiiiiill. At least do another episode in season 2 about the AU. YOU CAN’T END IT LIKE THIS. I want to see Sizzy living together, what happened to AU!Malec and AU!Clace (I mean AU!Jace thought that Clary was cheating on him before Jace took over his body, so um. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT?!) and it was just so much fun to watch.

I love that Izzy was a developer working for what sounded like a big company. I love book!Isabelle, but honestly I’m loving tv show Isabelle so much more. She’s incredibly smart, confident, loves herself, bad-ass, loving, a great friend and sister… I can go on and on, but the point is she is an amazing role model. Imagine young teenage girls watching Shadowhunters and seeing such an inspiration on their screens. Also in the AU she’s taking boxing classes – my baby kicks ass even when she’s not a Shadowhunter.

Am I the only one who kind of shipped AU!Jocelyn and AU!Valentine? It looked like a healthy relationship and they were adorable. The Morgenstern family dynamic was just heartbreaking. SEE WHAT YOU CAN HAVE WHEN YOU PLAY NICE VALENTINE.

And oh my God Magnus’ commercial. IT’S THE BEST THING OKAY. It was so hilarious with Hodge and Luke. And Luke owning a bookstore in the AU. That’s such a nice nod to the books. And Magnus’ smile at the end of it #Dead

I don’t know if Alec is a professional party planner, or just doing it for fun. But I dig it. AND MY BABY DID SUCH A GOOD JOB THE PARTY LOOKED FANTASTIC. A+ JOB PLEASE PLAN MY PARTY TOO. And I love that they chose a Alice theme for the party. The Mad Hatter is perfect for Valentine and the whole ‘through the looking glass’ is a perfect fit for the episode.

Speaking of my baby Alec, my baby Magnus was adorable in the AU. CHAIRMAN MEOW AND CHURCH. MAGNUS’ FACE WHEN HE INTRODUCES CHURCE AND THE PILLOW (when he later on shows holograms of the cats to Clary – Magnus you adorable dork). I just love how Harry so easily shows all these sides to Magnus: charismatic, sassy, funny, magical (‘Magnus is quite… magical’), wise, hurt, graceful, a dork – Harry is so talented why is he not more well known. Oh and Clary imitating Magnus’ magic movements – priceless. I don’t know if her acting is improving or if she’s growing on me.

Oh and the Malec (if you didn’t think I was going to talk about AU!Malec you’re obviously new so hi!). THE PARALLELS. THE MIRRORING. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Alec invited him in without a second thought. The toasting and Alec being the one to say ‘to us’. Magnus leaving and Alec saying ‘playing hard to get. I love a challenge’. Oh how the tables have turned.

If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know I’m not too big a fan of tv show!Jace (read this review if you want to know why), but I love AU!Jace. He’s such a cute, sweet dork and I shipped Clace in the AU as well. It seemed like a nice, healthy relationship. Of course in the AU Jace didn’t witness his father being killed in front of him, but ‘a tragic past doesn’t excuse bad behaviour’ (seriously, read my review linked above, I don’t feel like typing it all out again). New favourite line: ‘It was a pleasure to nice’. Same Jace, same. No wonder he and Alec-do-you-come-here-often-he-ask-a-police-officer-at-the-police-station-Lightwood (wow that would be a long name, good thing he’s called Alexander Gideon Lightwood instead) are Parabatai. And I actually felt really sorry for him? Like the hurt on his face when he thought Clary was cheating on him. And then Clary kicked that demon’s ass while Jace goes into shock (which I loved. I really loved Dom in this episode as AU!Jace okay?) And then he changes into uh original universe Jace? You know what I mean. Look, I get that they want to show us that Jace is guarded and doesn’t want to get hurt, but he’s just so stoic and cold, that I don’t see the Jace I fell in love with, nor can I ship Clace because of it.

Now it’s time to talk about what was happening back in the original universe! While I hate Izzy getting arrested, it adds so much to her character and her own story (which she doesn’t really have in the first book, because she’s nonexistent like many others). Not to mention it gives the show more opportunities to show us the great love between her and Alec, and maybe help Izzy understand Lydia better. I really want those two to become great friends. Oh and the writers just keep tearing my heart out with the Parabatai growing further and further apart. ‘Jace is dead to me’ I am dead too.

Luke and Simon have such a nice relationship and I love watching them. I did wish we got at least one scene with Raphael, because those three together are perfect. I missed my sassy-100%-done-vamp in this episode. But back to Luke and Simon. I love that Simon knew he could count on Luke and I can’t wait to see more of Luke helping him learning how to control his vampire urges. Also Simon protecting Luke, even though he almost killed the guy. Was I the only one really creeped out by Simon? I honestly thought he had lost it, then I thought he was acting and that it was Luke and Simon’s plan, then that it was a shapeshifter posing as Simon and then it turned out my second assumption was right. *insert weekly praise for Alberto’s incredible acting like seriously he’s so adorable most of the time yet he really creeped me out* I mean seriously my notes were all: ”SIMON?? WHAT ARE YOU DOING”

And then, the big plot twist. To both book fans and non-book fans alike. ‘That’s my father’.

(thank you Alex for introducing me to this brilliant gif)

Okay so first I thought that maybe they weren’t going to use the incest plot (I honestly would’ve been okay with this. I know it’s a really big change, but I hate the incest plotline), but then I started to think more about it, and I think the man is Valentine. Remember Lydia’s awesome entrance? At the time I was wondering what that was about. Yeah sure, she was testing the Institute’s competence, but it was kind of pointless to the plot. All it did was showing us that Shadowhunters have a rune to disguise themselves as someone else. Calling it now: Jace’s father is still Valentine, but he’s using the same rune to disguise himself. I’m guessing he used the that rune when he was raising Jace as well. I really wonder how this is going to turn out and I can’t wait for this week’s episode. Though I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch it.

Other things

  • Meliorn acknowledging Izzy’s intelligence hell yes
  • Meliorn being an important character with a personality of his own
  • I loved that while Shadowhunters find their weapons at religious institutions, Fae get their weapons from the earth. That is so cool
  • I really hope they’ll have a bigger budget next season so we’ll get a better opening
  • And hopefully better CGI, but I’m not too hopeful (I mean look at Teen Wolf season 5 – the CGI for the beast was terrible. I just couldn’t take it seriously)
  • ‘On a scale from one to namasté’ seriously Jace. That’s not even funny, it’s offensive. And since Jace is a fictional character: seriously whoever wrote that line? I love the show and the direction is going in, but this really bothered me
  • THE FORESHADOWING THOUGH: ‘secrets revealed will tear you apart’ I love foreshadowing
  • So that white book Magnus had was the Book of the White right? MORE FORESHADOWING
  • That Sizzy dance at the party though, it was so cute
  • The Climon was so perfect: ‘the Dracula stare’ felt like such genuine friendship. Two best friends who have known each other for almost their whole lives, having their own thing and being silly together
  • Oh and the… Mary? Clagnus? Anyway, I loved their scenes together and that Clary ‘gave him back a life’

Have you guys also noticed that every week I complain less and less? I mean obviously it isn’t perfect, but I’m not going to complain about the same few things every week and most of the cast is so incredibly talented, plus the writing is getting better. Shadowhunters has definitely become one of my favourite shows, and in a lot of ways I think I actually prefer it to the books *gasp*.

How did you feel about this week’s episode? Uh I mean last week. Damn this review is late. Do you also want to see more of the AU? Let me know in the comments!