Survey Results

First of all I want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out my survey and to tell you you guys are THE SWEETEST. I swear your responses made me giddy.

What are your favourite kind of blog posts?

So your favourite posts are book hauls (I can’t blame you guys. Looking at what others bought, finding out about new books… IT’S FUN), personal posts (awww), The Discussing Hufflepuff, writing posts and gif posts. I’m sorry that I haven’t written much in regards of the last three, but I promise I will soon! Oh and you guys also like tags! Someone also put the Book Awards in ‘other’, as I hadn’t put that up as a choice (don’t ask me why. I guess I forgot). I’m happy you like those posts, though!

What would you like to see more of?

I’m glad most of you want more of The Discussing Hufflepuff and writing posts, as I really can’t wait to get writing those again! I’m also looking forward to doing gif posts again (like PJO and HoO Characters in Gifs).

Someone also said they wanted to see giveaways- I hope I’ll be able to do one in the future! For now, if anyone has suggestions for one that doesn’t cost a lot, let me know!

Would you like to see blog posts about Amsterdam?

Most of you like this idea (and the others said maybe or I don’t care, which is not a no!) so I will definitely do this! I’m excited to start it and it will be a monthly thing. It will probably start next month, though I’m not entirely sure yet. I still need to think up of a good, catchy name for it (The Amsterdam Hufflepuff? The Huffling Amsterdammer? I will think of something). These posts will be about things to see, things to do and tips from a local (a.k.a. me), so I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Should I do a weekly wrap up?

One of you is really against this idea… Most of you say it’s totally up to me, though. I think I’m going to do this, but I’m not sure starting when. You’ll see!

Should I hold Q&A where you can ask me ANYTHING you want?

None of you say no, so I’ll probably do this somewhere next month!

Why do you follow my blog?

This is where you guys got me like:

‘Your blog is amazing and very interesting to read and we have very similar book tastes plus you seem like a very nice person!’

‘I love finding out about new books and you do great reviews!’

I’m often unsure about my reviews, so you saying that really means a lot! Thank you!

‘You post very diverse things, music, reviews, travels, writing.’

I’m glad you like that! This blog started out as just books and writing, but since I have a lot of interests I like to blog about some other stuff as well (though since reading and writing are the biggest parts of my life it will always be mostly about those two things!)

‘You post wonderful content and I love how you post both writing and reading stuff, it helps me stay motivated for my own writing!’

I motivate you? Woah if only I could motivate myself more haha ;) Just kidding, but thank you!

‘Because you’re amazing and lovely! You’re also a fellow badger ☺️’

And hello fellow badger!

‘Well, firstly I love Harry Potter so I couldn’t not follow you after seeing your name. Your content is fantastic and I really enjoy reading your posts!’

Siriusly all of you, you’re too sweet.

‘Well, you’re fellow fangirl for one. and secondly, you’re a fellow writer/author (I think). I just stumbled upon your blog and just have liked it ever since I found it.’

Yes I am! :) I’m happy to hear that!

‘I’m a fellow blogger and I like seeing your posts. Your blog inspires me :)’

I inspire you?

All of you inspire me too: to keep blogging and writing! <3

‘Enjoy it! Fun blog and lots of activity :)’



‘I like YOU, you’re a Hufflepuff (woop woop), and I’ve been following you for so long that I can’t imagine *not* following you, if you get my drift??’

‘You are so unique and creative and it really shows throughout your blog!’

I’m so happy to hear this, because I often wonder if I’m really creative, so thank you! <3

‘Your posts and writing style are always so fun to read, and a lot of your posts are about stuff I’m interested in! (HUFFLEPUFF KINDRED YAY AS WELL.)’

Thank you! <3 And:

‘You have a fun blogging voice and reading it is awesome. :) Plus, you also like to write so that’s always a plus.’

I’m so happy that a lot of you like my blogging voice! It took a while for me to really find it, but I like writing in it and I’m glad you all like reading it! <3

‘Because I can’

Sorry couldn’t help but think of Obama haha!

‘It rocks!’

What should I work on?

‘You do a lot of tags/ awards all at once, it would be nice for them to be spread out more’

I used to do this, but school got busy and tags are easy and quick to do haha. Thanks for pointing this out!

‘I miss the writing prompts you posted! Those were always fun to try out and see what you can come up with.’

I wasn’t sure people really liked them! I’m so happy you liked them.

I’m definitely going to do them again (I have a great idea for a song prompt), though I probably won’t do them every week like I used to. I often forced myself to do one, which made it less fun!

‘I don’t think that you need to work on anything, just keep being yourself!’

‘I dunno! I think you’re fabulous just the way you are! *Bruno Mars starts singing in the background*’

‘Commenting more on other blogs/not leaving generalized comments :)’

Is this meant as a general thing or do I do that? I thought I commented quite a lot and not generalized, but if I do thanks for pointing that out! Will definitely work on it.

‘Umm…I don’t know?!? Maybe you could try doing book reviews in a variety of formats?? All pretty good though! :)’

I’ve done a gif post about how I felt during and after Blood of Olympus and a list review for Heir of Fire/The Assassin’s blade, and I enjoyed both formats, so I might do that more often! :)

‘More Discussing Hufflepuff posts’


‘I, er, actually can’t think of anything…? Your blog is awesome. :) The menu/category/tab/thing at the top is a bit bulky, though.’

Thank you!

Hmm… I’m not sure how I could make it less bulky without removing tabs I want in it…

‘Setting up a Q and A’

Do you mean a post like I asked about in the survey or a page? I like both ideas though! :)

Any book recommendations that you think are PERFECT for me?



‘Oh wow Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly or Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas! I don’t know, you might have read these already but if not I strongly suggest that you check them out.’

Throne of Glass is one of my favourite series, so you recommending it to me means you know my taste well! :D I’ve thought of reading Shatter Me, but I’m trying not to start (too many) new series this year or I will never finish the ones for my goal… Definitely next year though!

‘Erm, I really like the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke.’

I have heard of this, and it is fantasy (nor have I heard any negative things about it). Next year I’ll give it a go!

‘Romance: Maybe Someday or Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, any Kasie West book. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer’

I’ve already read The Lunar Chronicles- one of my favourites! The Fill-In Boyfriend is on my TBR so I will definitely read a Kasie West book! Not sure if Colleen Hoover is for me, but I’ll check it out!


I WILL. Though since it sounds like an emotional book I’ll probably put it off for a long time haha.

‘Akarnae by Lynette Noni’

I hadn’t heard of this, but it sounds SO GOOD. Thank you for letting me know about it!

‘Haha there’s a 97% chance that in that case I’ve already recommended them.’

Good to know :)

‘If you haven’t read Angelfall yet, you need to read it.’

It’s on my TBR! :)

I want to get to know my readers better, so share some fun facts or a funny story! If you want. No one’s forcing you. I hope. If so then I apologize

‘I’m going to Harry Potter Wizarding World Set in London next year. Not very interesting but I am so excited!’

NO THAT IS INTERESTING AND REALLY EXCITING! I’d say ‘I hope you’ll have fun’ but it’s Harry Potter so of course you’ll have fun.

‘I like bands and photography and I just found out I am lactose intolerant!’

I like bands and photography too! That sucks about the lactose intolerant though :(

‘Uh…  I like cats?’


Here’s a cat gif for you and all the other cat lovers out there.

‘Okay I don’t have any funny or interesting stories so here are some fun facts!

1. I love to write songs, and I play guitar, ukulele and piano
2. I really love tea, coffee and hot chocolate
3. I’m a Gryffindor
4. My favourite song at the moment is either Where Are U Now by Skrillex and Justin Beiber or Proof by Paramore (The songs couldn’t be more different, but I have a very weird music taste!)
5. I have the same birthday as Taylor Swift!’

Ooh you’re so musically talented! That’s awesome. Tea and hot chocolate are two of the best beverages ever invented. Woah that’s so cool! Sharing your birthday with someone as amazing as Taylor :)

‘I died in Starbucks today when one of the baristas saw me wearing my Fall Out Boy shirt and told me how he was going to see them next week in Atlanta. He didn’t offer to take me, of course, but I literally had a fangirl attack and probably made them think I’m a schizophrenic.’

Haha shame he didn’t ask you along, but it’s always awesome to meet a fellow fan! :D

‘umm, hmm.. well, I have the collector’s edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I love listening to Hozier . I’ve never been to any book events (like Book Con or BEA, etc.) but I really want to! And… my parents don’t know about my blog (yet), awkward, I know right.’

Oooh jealous! I’ve never been to any book evens either, let’s hope we both get to go to one soon! Ah, it took me a long time to tell my mom about my blog as well haha.

‘There was one time when we had some German people staying with us. My city was badly bombed by the Germans in WW2. I started acting as a tour guide, and telling them about this. It was incredibly awkward. And then there was the time when my great aunt came round, and we were showing her a photobook from our holiday to Holland. I’d just done a homework on Holland for Geography, so knew a load of random trivia. As my parents are vegetarian I (with some massively skewed logic) thought it may be offensive to mention the huge percentage of bacon produced there, so instead started talking about how there’s a lack of grave space there, in from of my VERY OLD great aunt. AGHHH IT WAS AWKWARD! (Sorry if that was a little longer than you were looking for…)’

Haha don’t apologize! :) It’s cool that you acted as a tour guide, but I understand how it may have been a bit awkward as a lot of Germans are ashamed of WW2. Ooh what kind of trivia? I’m curious- it might be stuff I don’t know even though I’m Dutch haha. We have a lack of grave space? I had no idea! But maybe not the best thing to mention to an old person haha!

‘Fun Fact: I can’t think of any fun facts lol’

Thinking up facts is hard isn’t it?!

‘OKAY okay okay. Wait… *realises that she didn’t actually have anything to say* I used to be totally crazy over spelling and grammar? I actually had to stop reading The Knife of Never Letting Go like, because of it. It was mad. Yes. Another funny story: in which I have no funny stories! (I’M SORRY PERSON BEHIND ME FORCING ME TO WRITE THIS.) (Not actually XD)’

I haven’t read that book yet (it’s on my shelf though) so I don’t know how bad it would be for someone who goes crazy over spelling and grammar haha. Did you read it in the end? I hope you enjoyed it if so :) I do hope you’re joking about the person behind you forcing you to write this…

Anything else you want to share?

‘Your Blog theme is very nice and organised, easy to find everything.’

I’m glad to hear that!

‘I really like the name’

Yay! :D

‘Not really, talk to you soon!’

Yes! :) Though as this was anonymous I don’t know who this is, but I’m sure we’ll talk soon haha.

‘What is exactly The Discussing Hufflepuff?’

It’s a blog series where I discuss a certain topic and ask for your opinions :) I’ve only done two so far about organising your writing and dressing your characters (so both writing related but in the future I want to talk about other things too!)

‘Your blog is great and I always look forward to your posts :) I’m a fellow Hufflepuff also. Check out my blog: Thanks!’

Thanks! I’m following your blog :) Also:

‘I LOVE the idea for the Book Awards, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Also your recent Girl Power playlist. Thumbs up from me! P.S. This is An Overthinking Teenager :)’

Haha hi! :D I’m happy to hear you love the Book Awards! Thumbs up back :)

‘Great job on being awesome (:’


‘Nope! Although, heads-up — haha, I didn’t mean this to coincide with my fabulously side splitting (ahem) story but the survey says ‘store’? I can definitely share funny stores too! :P’

I wanted to slap myself when I read this and immediately fixed it haha (this was before I closed the survey of course). If you have any funny stores to share, please do! Haha :P

So basically me:

Sorry for all the gifs, but I needed them to express my love for you all haha.

Once again thank you for filling it in and for being so sweet! I’ll probably start the Amsterdam blog series next month, as well as the weekly wrap up. Expect more The Discussing Hufflepuff, writing posts and gif posts as well!

– The Writing Hufflepuff