The Monthly and Weekly Hufflepuff #60 | I Live

I didn’t mean to skip last week’s wrap up, but I was busy with deadlines and felt really weird and weak? Might have caught a bug or something, I dunno. But I live yay!



Right now I’m still working my way through Danger! Women Artists at Work (I love non-fiction yet it takes me forever to actually finish them whyyy) and I started Chasing Eveline which I can’t say antyhing about yet as I pretty much just started. Meanwhile I also finished Ewan Pendle, and I ended up loving it! Hopefully I’ll have a review up this week. But let’s skip the other books I read since my last wrap up and just talk about my September books because I’m lazy  and most of them will be discussed anyway in the list below¯\_(ツ)_/¯

💛 Marked by Kim Richardson ★ – Just realised I haven’t reviewed this one yet – woops. This one really disappointed me. I found it boring, flat, the characters annoying and the romance way too insta-y.

💛 America #6 and #7 – issue 6 was a bit of a let-down for me, as I felt like the arc was ended abruptly and solved too easily, but 7 was really interesting and fun to read as it dives into America’s past and shows us her moms’ past too

💛 Giant Days #30 and Holiday Special – Still a really fun read

💛 Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh ★★★ – Another one I just realised I still haven’t reviewed. Woops. I’ve talked about it before in a weekly wrap up, but this one was also a bit of a let-down. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t really enjoy it either. I’m still questioning my three stars actually. It had a lot of potential and I definitely love the concept, but I’m definitely not a fan of the romance and I also felt really detached from the story and its characters

💛 Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor ★★ – Such a disappointment. It started out SO GOOD. I could definitely see myself loving it. But then the romance completely took over and I wanted to rip my eyes out*

💛 The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl volumes 4, 5 and 6 ★★★★★ – Squirrel Girl just gets better and better with each volume. If you haven’t checked it out yet, YOU MUST

💛 The Backstagers all issues ★★★★★ – I LOVE THIS COMIC SO MUCH I NEED MORE. Queer theater boys?? Yes please. Backstage being an ACTUAL magic place that reminded me a bit of Wonderland? Yes please. Basically this entire comic is a YES PLEASE from me and I highly recommend it

💛 Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume ★★★★ – SUCH a fun read and I’m so disappointed that there might not be a sequel. Basically all of you must read it ASAP (and I shall try to convince you to read it sometime this week)

💛 Lumberjanes #42 – Have I already yelled my love for Lumberjanes into your face? No? Here ya go: I LOVE LUMBERJANES**

💛 Doctor Who Myths and Legends by Rirchard Dinnick ★ – Unfortunately not for me. I love Doctor Who but I couldn’t connect to the writing style which really got in the way of enjoying this

💛 Ms. Marvel #22 – uhhh last book of September and I don’t really remember it? I liked it, that I know for sure. It was a good ending to this arc

* Sorry for that image
** If you want more than just ‘I LOVE LUMBERJANES’ to convince you to read this amazing comic might I redirect you to my ‘why you should read lumberjanes’ post 

What have I done with my life

That’s not a joke I don’t remember. I’ve been super busy with school and trying to meet every deadline. I’ve also worked here and there and just… Watched some tv shows? Read some books? OH HEY GUESS WHAT I FINALLY CAUGHT UP ON TEEN WOLF. Right in time for the finale (okay actually after the finale but that meant I could binge watch)

Is there a ‘I’m disappointed club’ because

It doesn’t surprise me at all because 6A had a great ending, but this one?

I barely enjoyed the season as well. Sure there were moments I liked and loved, but mostly? Nope 6B didn’t happen. JUST LIKE KIRA APPARENTLY DIDN’T HAPPEN

Thankfully Brooklyn Nine Nine is back so I’m all good

asbfhsdg I love Holt so much I’d die for him

Okay but seriously, I don’t think I really did anything?* I just focused on school and work, but this week I’m going to treat myself and go to two art exhibitions in Rotterdam.

* My memory is so bad I can’t think of anything lmao

This week I only posted my review for Doctor Who Myths and Legends. But at least I posted something yay!

Now for the entire month of September:

💛 Reviews: Snow White and the Seven AngelsDaughter of Smoke and Bone
💛 Writing: When You No Longer Like Your Plot, But Your Characters Own Your Heart
💛 The Artsy Hufflehoe: I talked about Jordan Wolfson’s Female Figure and the violence of objectification
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I don’t remember if I mentioned this already*, but I decided to save all the blog posts I want to read from my WordPress reader to my favourites map (and pray that Bloglovin doesn’t delete any unread posts) so that I can read them whenever I have the time. Hopefully this will help me to keep up easier, but I’m still super behind. So sorry if I haven’t visited your blog in a while! 💛

💛 Annemieke wrote a letter to authors who request reviews
💛 Holly talks about her favourite libraries in Oxford
💛 Elm has 3000 followers!! I’m so proud (also go increase that number if you’re not following her yet)
💛 Savannah talks about what makes a book problematic

I actually wanted to share more posts, but I unfortunately don’t have any time to read more posts today 😪

* Did I already mention that I have a terrible memory

So on one hand I feel like I don’t have that much left to do when it comes to school and that I’ll have more free time now (mostly because I finished my articles) but on the other hand I feel like I have A LOT to do and I’m stressing*

Basically I don’t know how active I’ll be this month, BUT. I need to keep up with my reviews because obligations. So you’ll definitely see some reviews this month. I do hope that I won’t just post reviews, because I like variety but we’ll see. All I know is that this school year is FLYING BY and while that’s great it’s also not great because I still need to do so many things before going to Manchester (fun fact: I found out only recently that I’m going a bit earlier than I thought. Our school is so clear on everything :) Basically they never said that if you’re going to England you’ll start at the start of January, not at the end of the month. Also apparently I’m only going for three months instead of five)


* Yay anxiety

Anyway, how was your week/past two weeks/month? Is there a ‘I’m disappointed with the Teen Wolf Finale’ club and are you a part of it? What have you been reading? Are you watching B99? Let me know in the comments!

The Weekly Hufflepuff #54 | More Period Talk Still Not Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I wish I could say ‘not me!’ but alas it’s me. I have really bad luck lmao

I finished Heroine Complex and hope to write my review later today, though I’m not sure if that means I’ll have it up sometime this week. It all depends on when I’ll be able to take a picture of the book. I also started and finished Ps. I Still Love You by Jenny Han and It’s Not Like It’s A Secret by Misa Sugiura so I need to step up my reviewing game haha. I finished the latter last night, just in time to get started on my tbr for The Reading Quest.

On Monday I went out with a friend so I could take a new profile picture for her (I’ve become everyone’s private photographer lol) and to catch up of course. She also needed return something she had ordered online – whenever we meet up she has to return something so it has become an inside joke haha. The weirdest thing happened though – as we were walking down the street I suddenly noticed a girl who looked like one of our other friends, and then I realised it was her. And then I noticed the other girl who was our other friend haha. Back in secondary school it was always the four of us, but while I’ve kept in touch with all of them and still saw them from time to time, it’s been a little over a year since we were all together. And then later in the day we ran into one of them again!

On Tuesday I went out to work and write some articles for work’s Tumblr, feeling really energised until the next day I woke up with a sore throat. I was really, really hoping it was just hay fever, but when I still had it the next day I knew it probably wasn’t. And sure enough on Friday I woke up barely being able to breathe. At this point I had also gotten my period so I’m really starting to think my body hates me. The weather here is constantly changing here though (like always) so it’s really easy to catch a cold, especially when your resistance is bad like mine is around the time of my period. I’ve been taking medicine and nose sprays regularly though, and I’m feeling a lot better today, at least in the cold departement haha.

I also worked a bit on Friday, but that was really short so when I got home I immediately laid down and watched The Bold Type. Which is so good!! Definitely recommend it. Other than The Bold Type I’ve only seen the newest Teen Wolf – I still need to catch up on Shadowhunters and The Fosters. Am I the only one who’s not really enjoying Teen Wolf 6B so far?? The first two episodes were so boring (though there were things that I liked!) and I hate how it barely focused Scott, Lydia and Malia.

💛 I talked about the four main characters of my WIP and all of you made me cry. You guys loving them?? Fangirling over them?

Me as I read all the comments:

💛 I signed up for The Reading Quest and shared my TBR
💛 I did the Blogger Aesthetics tag and as the aesthetics hoe I am I shared more than 1
💛 I confessed some reading related sins as I did the Reader Confessions tag. And I just realised I posted two tags in a row woops. I originally wanted to post something else, but since I wasn’t feeling so well yesterday so since I already had this in my draft I decided to post it

💛 A.J. talks about books vs their tv/movie adaptations
💛 Fadwa reached a 1000 followers so go increase that number
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💛 Marie wonders what makes a book blogger a book blogger
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💛 Lia did the You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag which looks like a lot of fun
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💛 Cait talked about what her writing process looks like and did a vlog with her sister

Ohh before I forget: WordPress deleted a bunch of unread comments from my notifications. I tried to reply to all the comments I found on recent posts that I hadn’t replied to yet, but if I didn’t reply to your comment (which could also very well be on your own post(s)) I’m really sorry! I’m going to try and reply to comments asap from now on before WordPress deletes them again

Aaaanyway that’s a wrap! How was your week? What have you been reading? Are you participating in The Reading Quest? How do you feel about Teen Wolf 6B? Any great blog posts I MUST check out? Let me know in the comments!

All About My TV Shows Tag

I got tagged by the Queen of TV Shows Kat herself, so thank you Kat! If you’re not familiar with her blog, go check it out!

1. First TV show you ever watched

I definitely don’t know what the first one was, but one of the first was of course Pokémon haha. I know there were many other cartoons/anime I watched, but I don’t know which one was first? It might have been Pokémon, but there’s also a good chance it wasn’t. My first tv show might have been the Dutch Sesame Street as well haha. I really wish I remembered!

2. All-time favorite TV show

For a really, really long time this was definitely Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is still one of my favourite shows, but it has been so long since I’ve seen it, I’m not sure if I’d still call it my number one? I definitely still love it a lot though. It shaped and inspired me in a lot of ways.

My all-time favourite tv show might actually be The Fosters though. I love it to pieces and it’s so so so important. I’ve talked about it before here and I’m considering writing a separate post on it because though it’s not completely unknown, it definitely deserves more love

3. Your character crush

Oh my gosh only one character? And are we talking current or past as well? Because I think as a kid I had a tiny crush on Ash Ketchum (I’m not sure if I approve of that hahaha).

Right now, it’s really hard to pick because I’m pretty much crushing on all the Shadowhunters characters (minus the obvious ones like Valentine and Sebastian – though Will Tudor is making it very, very hard – why is he so cute this is illegal)

4. Favorite OTP

I have so many OTPs that the ‘one’ part has kind of lost its meaning lmao. It’s really, really hard to choose though. It also depends on what I’m currently watching/reading. Like for a while Victuuri from Yuri on Ice were probably my favourite OTP, but since it stopped airing I lost my obsession (now it’s just a healthy love haha). Right now, I’d have to say Malec from Shadowhunters and Trimberly from Power Rangers (please don’t make me choose I already chose two out of the many, many ones I have)

5. Most disappointing ending or cancellation

Most disappointing cancellation is probably (I say probably since it’s not official yet) is BBC Class. It hasn’t been announced yet, but the ratings weren’t great since BBC barely marketed it and there has been no news regarding a second season yet. Even if it does get renewed though, I’ll have mixed feelings about it since it will be without Patrick Ness, the showrunner and writer of all the episodes. Another disappoiting cancellation was Powerless. I saw it coming, but I didn’t think they were just going to quit airing the remaining episodes. Rude. It was such a cute show, with fun references, a fun (and diverse!) cast, and it covered some important issues while still remaining a light show.

Most disappointing ending is definitely How I Met Your Mother and I will leave it at that or I will go into a rant and believe me no one wants that 🙈

6. A show you would like to be on

As in a cast member? Or a crew member? I’m way too shy to actually star on anything haha (also my anxiety is telling me nope no way start running now), but the Shadowhunters cast seems so lovely and fun that I’d love to work with them. Behind the scenes that is

7. A character you would love to take out on a date

Let me take out all my babies, buy them some ice cream and protect them from the scary thing that is the television industry (stop hurting them you monsters)

8. A popular TV show you can’t stand

Hahaha so many? Woops. Though I really, really can’t stand The Big Bang Theory #sorrynotsorry

9. A scene that made you cry like a baby

So many?? I’m super emotional so there are many scenes that made me cry. It’s also hard to choose one without spoiling anyone. Small spoiler for The Fosters (but a good one? And it’s not like you won’t see it coming?) but Stef and Lena’s wedding(s) made me cry like a baby.
There’s also a scene in the Andi Mack finale that I really, really don’t want to spoil. It’s a happy moment as well though, but oh my god I can still cry just thinking about it.

10. A character with a killer wardrobe

I love Petra Solano’s (Jane the Virgin) wardrobe. Not for me though, but still. Jane herself also has a great wardrobe. Bill Potts’ (Doctor Who) wardrobe was on point. Andi Mack (from Andi Mack) has a great wardrobe that I would’ve appreciated greatly at her age (I do on my age as well haha). Callie from The Fosters usually has great outfits too. Oh and how can I forget Queen Lydia Martin!! I also adored Kira’s wardrobe. Wait I was supposed to pick one?


Ash | Smiling Dreamer | Nisha

What’s a popular tv show you can’t stand? Is there a tv character you’d eat some ice cream with? Let me know in the comments!



TV Shows I’m Currently Watching | Part II

Last August I talked about tv shows I was watching and I thought I’d do a new post, because in the meantime I started some new shows (some of which are on hiatus right now sadly) that I want to share with you all and hopefully get you to watch them as well (well with an exception). Of course there are some shows from last post that I’m still watching (like Jane the Virgin and The Fosters, though the latter has just gone on hiatus and oh my god does anyone watch it because that finale??? ARE MY BABIES GOING TO BE OKAY. Okay I know they will because they always end up okay, but what if this time they don’t??) So here are some of the shows I’m currently watching!


On one hand I regret not watching this sooner, but on the other than I would have had less episodes to bingewatch. I don’t even know where to begin with this show. It’s just amazing? The cast is incredibly diverse and talented, it’s genuinely funny and never offensive (this statement better not come back to bite me in the ass but I highly doubt it because this show is just so pure??)   It’s pure, hilarious, lighthearted (though also tense at some points), iconic, important – just do yourself a favour and watch it

Hint: it’s Brooklyn Nine Nine. The people want Brooklyn Nine Nine


GUYS. GUYS THIS SHOW. I LOVE IT SO MUCH (I mean I love all of the shows on this list but I’m so shook). It’s a Disney Channel show and it’s?? So good?? It features an Asian-American family (including a biracial relationship), a black girl and a Jewish (rumoured to be gay???!!) boy. It’s really mature and genuinely funny. There have been two episodes out so far but it really looks like it’s going to be an important show. It already touched important topics in two episodes and look at that cast!!


In August I mentioned how I had watched three episodes of Supergirl which I liked, but also bored me a bit. Soon after I finished season 1 and loved it though. The crossover with The Flash really made me want to watch that show, so I did! Ironically I kind of dropped Supergirl, but I am still watching The Flash (I really, really don’t like the turn Supergirl took. It’s nothing like the first season and I hate Mon-el). The Flash isn’t perfect either, but I still enjoy it a lot and I love the characters. I do wish we could get more female characters though. I was thrilled when Jesse Quick joined the show, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to be around much. Oh and I love that Tom Felton is now on the show because! Draco Malfoy paralells and jokes! Also I’m still dead because of that proposal


MORE PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH AND SUPPORT THIS SHOW IT’S SO CUTE AND FUN AND LIGHT. If you don’t know what Powerless it’s about, it takes place at Wayne Security and is about this group of coworkers who live in the DC universe and have to deal with the consequences of living with superheroes and villains. It’s really fun and unique and I love all the references. Also it has a great, diverse cast and talks about some important messages. Basically please watch it so it gets renewed okay?


Okay so technically I’m not currently watching this as the new season hasn’t come out yet, but I don’t care I’m going to include it anyway, because I’ll be currently watching it soon. I’m so pumped for this season, which I haven’t been in a while. BILL POTTS EVERYONE. BILL. POTTS. LOOKS AMAZING AND FUN AND SHE IS THE FIRST GAY COMPANION AND SHE’S ALSO BLACK AND JUST??? FINALLY.


  • TEEN WOLF: Again. Last time Teen Wolf was also on hiatus, but now I’m waiting for 6B instead of 6A. While I’m still really upset about the way they treated Arden Cho and I really missed Kira (plus there were so many times that Kira could’ve been necessary for the plot but?? ‘her story is over’??) , it was actually a really good season. AND MY OTP IS CANON FINALLY
  • ONE DAY AT A TIME: I won’t say too much about this show, as I’m planning on writing a separate post on it as it deserves that but please do yourself a favour and watch One Day At A Time it’s brilliant
  • VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER: This is such a fun show – it really reminds me of ATLA, which makes sense because I think I read that a lot of the ATLA writers are working on Voltron? I’d say bingewatch the entire two seasons but that cliffhanger… Wait until season 3 y’all (though that one will probably end with a horrible cliff as well lmao)
  • MIRACULOUS LADYBUG: Okay so… I started watching this and thought it was fun and cute and now I’m kind of obsessed?? I really need season 2 please thank you
  • YOUNG JUSTICE: Last time I couldn’t get through to season 2, I’m not sure why because I bingewatched it and I loved it?? I didn’t have any of the problems that I had last time, so maybe I was just not in the mood for it (or maybe it’s because I had some months to accept that some of my favourites were no longer mains). ANYWAY SEASON 3 GUYS AAAAH
  • THE REAL O’NEALS: I guess? I don’t know if it will be renewed and I’m not sure if I want it to be. While I recognised its flaws during season 1, the protagonist did blackface in season 2 and there was a horrible biphobic joke – and in both situations the show didn’t apologise for it. It’s such a shame because the show had so much potential but these two incidents really left a bad taste in my mouth

Are you watching any of these shows? What is your favourite show that you’re watching right now? Anything you’d recommend to me? Let me know in the comments!

The Weekly Hufflepuff #26

I’m feeling a lot better today and even scheduled a post for tomorrow. If I do take a short break, it will be because I’m catching up on schoolwork and not because I’m not feeling okay – yay!


I started rereading Cress, but I barely read anything since I wasn’t feeling well


Like I mentioned in my monthly wrap up, I wasn’t feeling well mostly mentally, but also physically (the mental part resulted in the physical part), but I’m feeling a lot better today and I once again want to thank all of you for your lovely messages <3

I had to make another radio item, this time I had to go to Ikea and find out how students with not a lot of money could decorate their room. I felt very awkward at first, walking there talking into my recorder, but I got used to it pretty soon. Plus a friend of my mom went with me so I wouldn’t feel like I was talking to myself haha. She also bought me an adorable panda plushie (pandas are my favourite animal) since it was only 3 euros! (I don’t know if the prices are the same in other countries, but if you or someone you know loves plushies go to the Ikea seriously they were all so cheap)

TEEN WOLF 5B FINALE THIS TUESDAY I AM SO NOT CALM. There’s so much that needs to be resolved??? AND IT’S VERY LIKELY THAT SOMETHING STYDIA WILL HAPPEN? (the Stydia in the last episode omg) And I want confirmation of my precious cinnamon roll Kira Yukimura being in season 6 because I’m so scared that she won’t be. Also can the desert wolf leave please

MAYA FEY HAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR ACE ATTORNEY 6 I REPEAT SHE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried. My burger queen is back. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I will soon do a post about Ace Attorney to convince you all to play it

what I posted-2


And that’s my week! I’m actually in the mood to write another blogpost for this coming week, so maybe you guys won’t even notice that I’m busy with schoolwork ;)

How was your week? Are any of you just as excited about Maya being in AA6 as I am? AND TEEN WOLF FANS. I know you’re out there. Are you ready for the finale?! 


The Weekly Hufflepuff #25

Um so what happened to February?? What happened to my first year of journalism because I’m almost halfway through my third term, which means that I’m almost about to start my fourth and last one?? What?? It feels like only yesterday that I was studying for my final exams in secondary school and you’re seriously telling me that I’ve almost finished my first year of college?


I finished rereading Cinder and started rereading Scarlet, which I just finished rereading today. On to Cress!


I cried at the first shot of Crystal Reed in the flashback episode. She was amazing and badass like always (though all the French accents…*face palm*). I do have some problems with the episode though, but oh well. Two episodes left!! How are they going to solve everything?! I swear they put waaay too many storylines into one season.


I downloaded Pokémon Yellow and almost cried. Yellow was my first Pokémon game (before that I played my brother’s Pokémon game but wasn’t allowed to save or do much haha) and since I couldn’t really read, let alone in English, I never finished it since at some point my Game Boy Advance died (I’m still devastated at this). You have no idea how mad I was that Game Boy Colour games couldn’t be played on a DS. BUT NOW I CAN FINALLY FINISH IT.

what I posted-2

Look how much I posted this week! Hopefully I’ll keep this up haha


And that’s a wrap! How was your week? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #23

One day late because I came home exhausted yesterday. I’m already proud I’m writing this on Monday and not like.. Saturday (which would be pointless considering the next one is on Sunday).


I finished Miss Peregrine’s and really enjoyed it. Now I need to get my hands on the sequels…

I started and finished A Thousand Nights. I finished it pretty quickly last night because I skipped entire paragraphs. I just read the first sentence, realised it wasn’t important and skipped it. IT WAS SO BORING OH MY GOD. I’m looking forward to ranting reviewing it

After that I wanted to make sure that my next read would be something I’d enjoy, so since I’ve wanted to reread The Perks of Being A Wallflower for a while now, I decided now was the time.


I had to write a court report which meant I had to go to a trial. Though it was exciting, after many years of (obsessively) playing Ace Attorney I was a bit disappointed that no one yelled OBJECTION and that there was no showdown between the prosecutor and defence attorney or that it turned out that one of the witnesses had done it… Kidding about he last part of course haha

This week I have to write another report, but it can be anything as long as it’s newsworthy. So yesterday I went to the prizegiving of  ‘Het Roze Lieverdje’, which is an award for someone who has done a lot for the LGBTQ community in Amsterdam. If I have the time and energy (and if my memory doesn’t fail me) I’ll write a post about it on The Feministas. It was definitely a good experience, so I hope I don’t forget to write about it!

GUYS TEEN WOLF. This almost the same as last week’s paragraph about Teen Wolf haha. BUT THE EPISODES ARE SO ON POINT LATELY. It’s like old school Teen Wolf. Though definitely darker. It was just a perfect episode okay. AND COACH NEXT EP. I MISSED YOU COACH.

I’m less excited about this week’s Fosters though. I might write a rant about it actually. I do like that Jesus is finally getting a storyline that doesn’t involve a girl (HALLELUJAH) though um. Why did he get a job that easily. It literally went like this:

Jesus: I want a job
Guy in charge of the construction site: OK, go help that guy

Um. What. He did ask for his age, but do you seriously immediately believe him when he says he’s 18? (which he’s not by the way, if you don’t watch the show). Why aren’t you asking him to show his ID? Why aren’t you asking for his medical records? Why aren’t you interviewing him? For a show that has such important messages and gets a lot of things right, this was so hilarious and unrealistic. I’m mostly unexcited about what they’re doing to my baby Mariana, but I’ll leave that for my possible rant (I’m liking the idea of writing about it more and more, because I’m really upset)

On another note I finished Pinocchio and it put me in a Kdrama slump. I DON’T WANT TO WATCH ANYTHING NEW I’M NOT READY YET

what I posted-2


How was your week? Let me know in the comments!


OTPs I’m Currently Obsessing Over

Originally I wasn’t going to do anything Valentine-related, but why not take this opportunity to talk about some fictional couples I’ve been obsessed over lately? Notice the lately, because I have a lot of OTPs and it would be so hard to choose only a few (of course I’d love to fangirl about all of my OTPs with you guys, but that post will turn into an entire book haha) So what five ships have I been shipping like crazy lately?



Fun fact: I shipped Stydia before I even watched the show. I saw a lot of gif posts of them on Tumblr and just unconsciously started shipping them. Of course it became much worse when I actually started to watch the show. My love for this ship hasn’t died down at all since I started to watch the show, but it has become much worse the past two weeks with the latest episodes. If you’ve seen them you know what I’m talking about. I’m on a Stydia high guys and I’ve just been listening to Where’s My Love on repeat. Whether you watch the show or not, listen to this song because it’s beautiful


I never stopped obsessing over Malec, but boy it has reached a new level when last week’s episode of Shadowhunters aired. You can say a lot of negative things about the show, but damn are they doing my OTP justice. This week we got what was maybe a minute, yet it gave me so many feels. Plus I still haven’t recovered from last week’s ep. HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE THE EPISODE THAT’S LITERALLY CALLED MALEC?


These two. I don’t know how I haven’t died of cuteness yet because oh my god. They’re too adorable for words. I squealed so many times during this drama. Look forward to a post about it soon (may or may not be a review. It’s very likely that it will just be me fangirling instead). AND THE ENDING OH MY GOD. RAISA GET THERE SOON BECAUSE IT’S JUST DWFBJSDH I NEED SOMEONE TO FANGIRL WITH WITHOUT SPOILING THEM


I love all the other ships (especially Cinder and Kai) but Cresswell is definitely my favourite. They’re too adorable for words and the way their relationship developed was slow yet definitely worth it. Winter killed me mainly because of these two. How am I not dead yet with all of these adorable couples. It’s been a while since I read Winter (and I still don’t have Stars Above *returns to my puddle of tears*) but I’m still obsessing over these two.


My obsession has died down a bit since I first read the book (emphasis on a bit) but when I first finished Carry On I was just high on feels. Their relationship gave me actual adrenaline and I just couldn’t stop smiling. God I need to reread this book (and if you haven’t read it yet: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR)

So these are the ships that have been killing me lately. What ships have you been obsessing over lately? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #22

This was my first week of the third term and it’s already a lot busier than last term. Okay, last term was really relaxed and we were really spoiled haha, but still. It was also a fun week though!


I finally started Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children!


So far my classes seem interesting and fun, and the teachers seem nice too! Hopefully I won’t be deceived like I was in my first term

On Tuesday I went to buy one of my friends’ a birthday present and to get Stars Above, but none of the bookstores had it *cue crying* I did discover a really pretty bookstore that I had never been to before (okay not entirely true; I had been there, but they’re in a new building now in which I had never been, and it just felt completely new)

That same friend celebrated her birthday on Wednesday. She had the entire week off and so did some other people, but others, including me, had class, so we went bowling in the morning haha. It felt so completely wrong to sit in a classroom to hours later. It was a lot of fun though!

THIS WEEK’S TEEN WOLF GUYS. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It felt like old school Teen Wolf with just the right amount of lightheartedness and humor and action and angst. I was just waiting for Stiles to fall off the table and I was not disappointed. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING CLUMSY STILES BACK

On Thursday that same friend and I went to visit our secondary school. Sadly our friend who goes there was absent since she was sick at home, but we did get to see  and talk a bit to some of our old teachers. While my friend was talking to her old physics teacher, my old maths teacher passed us and greeted us like normal, then he made a funny jump as he turned around and went

When he realised we don’t go there anymore haha

Saturday evening I went ice skating with two of my friends, which was a lot of fun even though I can’t skate at all haha. I kept to the side so I had something to hold on to. Thankfully one of my friends is on the same level as me (the other one can do any sport, which always annoyed us during P.E. haha). I only almost fell once! My athletic friend was holding my hand at the moment so she pulled me back up before I could hit the ice. I let out a terrible scream though, that sounded like I was being murdered. But hey, I didn’t fall! A pretty successful evening if you ask me

IMG_0060 IMG_0061

The left picture wasn’t taken when I fell, but I did lose my balance.

We stayed until closing hours, since my mom was going to pick us up and she wasn’t there yet. Just when we wanted to leave, we found the gate closed.


We stood there like idiots thinking we were locked in, not knowing what to do, my mom laughing her ass off at my selfie, when these guys arrived on a scooter and told us about a button we were supposed to push. Oops (there was also another button that I almost pushed, but thankfully I noticed the EMERGENCY above it in time)

what I posted-2


And that’s a wrap! I only have one post scheduled for this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to write some more, but if I don’t post and/or comment on your blogs, know that I haven’t disappeared but that I’m just busy with school.

How was your week? Are you anticipating the next Shadowhunters episode? Or maybe… TEEN WOLF?! And what have you been reading? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly and Monthly Hufflepuff #21 | January

It’s time for a combined wrap up! I’m a bit shocked that I’ll be starting my third term tomorrow, but also excited to start all the new subjects!


  • Ouran High School Host Club volumes 4-18 (reread) ★★★★★
  • Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi ★★★★
  • The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness ★★★★★
  • Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertali ★★★★
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (reread) ★★★★★

So I read 19 books this month, though most of those were manga volumes haha. My review for Shatter Me will be up tomorrow, Simon will be up the week after that and I’m contemplating to review the entire Chaos Walking trilogy in one review once I’ve read Monsters of Men (I need to get my hands on it. THAT CLIFFHANGER). And look, the lowest rating this month was four stars!


  • One of my goals for this year is to write more in general. Friday I started a new novel (SOMEONE STOP MY BRAIN I WANTED TO FOCUS ON ONLY A FEW PROJECTS). Though I wish I had spent my time on The Chosen Ones, I had a lot of fun starting this new story.
  • One of my blogging goals is to post a Discussing Hufflepuff and Blogsterdam everyday. I did both this month this month! Click on the links in the first sentence to read them.
  • Another blogging goal is to schedule posts again. I have some posts scheduled not only for next week, but also the one after that! (it’s only one, but ssh)
  • I read Shatter Me and Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda for my YalfestNL Challenge, which means I’m 1/3 there!
  • I’ve read one book (Simon again) for the 2016 Contemporary Challenge

So far I’m doing pretty well on my goals!


As you all know this month was pretty busy since I had exams, which meant I got to spent less time in the blogosphere. I’m happy to tell you guys that my studying has paid off so far! I haven’t got all my grades back, but so far so good

I went to visit my old school, since one of my friends is now in her senior year and I hadn’t had the chance to visit and give her her birthday presents yet (her birthday was the week before my exams and she had exams herself). It was really funny, ’cause we ran into five other people who had graduated last year and decided to visit that same day. What are the odds?

As you’re reading this I’m celebrating my mom’s birthday

THIS WEEK’S TEEN WOLF OH MY GOD THAT EPISODE. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. LYDIA AND MALIA HAD PROPER SCREEN TIME AND BRAEDEN TOO (Malia isn’t my favourite character by far, but it was really bothering me how little screen time the main female characters were getting). I do wish Kira had gotten more screen time, but oh well, you can’t get everything. Also can we talk about #StalkerDad Scott

Sorting is back on Pottermore! I reclaimed my old House and wand, but made a new account to do the new test since I read that it’s different than the old one. I’m still a Puff through and through though!


  • I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but Angel and I are writing a book together! We’re still in the planning process and this week I spend sometime working on my character Amber
  • Like I mentioned in the ‘goals’ section I started a new novel – oops
  • I planned/outlined some things for the vague, mysterious project I mentioned in my 2016 Writing and Blogging Goals post
  • I spend quite a lot of time on Pinterest, finding a lot of inspiration for characters and stories alike

what I posted-2

This week I:


Since I’m still catching up on blogposts, some of these weren’t published this week


I have no exams in February and I have two days of from school each week (not counting the weekend of course). Though I will have to use those days to keep up with schoolwork, I do think I’ll have more time to blog this month! AND GUYS. STARS ABOVE WILL BE OUT THIS TUESDAY

And that’s a wrap! How was your week/month? What was your favourite book this month? Mine was definitely The Ask and The Answer (not counting my HP reread of course). Any exciting plans for this month? WHO ELSE IS EAGERLY AWAITING STARS ABOVE. I need to buy a birthday present for another friend this Tuesday, so I’ll probably stop by the bookstore on the way haha.