Thank you Kat for tagging me! So what is this tag about you ask?

The Rules:

  1. You create a blog post on your own blog entitled “#FirstLineFriday”, hashtag and all.
  2. You explain the rules.
  3. You post the first one or two lines of a potential story, a WIP, or a completed or published story.
  4. You ask your readers for feedback and encourage them to try and do #FirstLineFriday.

I’ll be sharing the first line of The Army of Quermo, my main WIP. I thought I had already shared it, but after thoroughly searching my blog, it turns out I hadn’t. Here’s the first line:

Everyone has heard the story of Lucifer who was banned from Heaven, but many do not know what happened afterwards.

This is the part where I awkwardly ask you guys for feedback haha, because the rules tell me to 🙈

I tag:

Marie | Cait | Brett | Eve | Elm | Joan | Josie | YOU!

Don’t feel obligated to do this if I tagged you! But it is fun, so I do recommend it.

How long does it take you to come up with your first line? And do you change it drastically later on, or does it stay sort of the same? Let me know in the comments!


Snazzy Snippets – NaNoWriMo edition


Snazzy Snippets is a bi-monthly link-up hosted by by Emily and Alyssa in which writers share snippets of their writing of 500 words or less!

My current WIP is called The Army of Quermo and is about Rose and Damien (though Rose is the protagonist) who are ‘chosen’ to prevent the devil from returning to earth. This means they have to fight a lot of different demons, who are trying to bring their master back.

A snippet without dialogue


Petra is often observing her fellow students and the teachers, and writes down her observations in a notebook, which Ashelle has dubbed the ‘Burn Book’ referring to Mean Girls.

A snippet featuring a friend/family member of your protagonist


This snippet features both of Rose’s best friends: Ashelle and Damien.

A snippet that took FOREVER to write
The fight scene with the demon Arasmar took me a while to figure out, but since the entire scene is pretty long I just chose one paragraph to share.
Edit: JUST NOTICED THE TYPO IN THIS SNIPPET (‘for her another eye’ instead of ‘for her other eye’)
And those are my snippets! Did you do Snazzy Snippets? Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out! :) 

Beautiful People || Friendship


Beautiful People is a link-up hosted by Cait from Paper Fury and Sky from Further Up and Further In where writers answer questions about their books/characters.

It’s time for another Beautiful People! This time the theme is friendship, and as I love friendship I couldn’t miss this one!

I’ll be answering these questions for Rose, Ashelle and Damien, three of the main teens of my WIP The Army of Quermo.

1. How long have they known each other, and how close are they?

They have known each other since they were babies, as Rose and Ashelle’s mothers were best friends. Rose and Damien were brought together by Egbert, as the Council knew they were the next generation of Chosen Ones. Through Rose Ashelle and Damien also became friends. They are extremely close and share everything (though Ashelle of course doesn’t know about their demon fighting duties at first). They know each other almost as well as they know themselves and joke around constantly.

2. What’s their earliest memory of being best friends?

One of their earliest memories is when Sophie (another main character) steals Ashelle’s Barbie in Kindergarten, so Rose pushes her and Damien glares at her for the rest of the day. No one makes their best friend cry.

3. Do they fight? How long do they typically fight for?

Yes, but they usually talk it out pretty fast (though not without yelling).

4. Are their personalities similar or do they compliment each other?

Ashelle is very lively and cheerful, while Damien is more calm (though he does joke). Rose is like a mix of both of them, it depends on her mood. In this way they all compliment each other.

5. Who is the leader of their friendship (if anyone)?

No one.

6. Do they have any secrets from each other?

Well… At first Rose and Damien keep a rather big one from Ashelle… (see question 1).

7. How well do they know each other’s quirks and habits?

Very well. They’ve been around each other pretty much their entire live, so they know every little thing about each other (which of course can be a little exhausting at some times, as it’s always noticed when one of them is angry, annoyed, tired, sad etc. and thus it’s hard to keep things to themselves).

8. What kind of things do they like to do together?

Movie marathons or going to the movies, going out for ice cream or hot chocolate and other good snacks, talking about everything and nothing, shopping (Rose and Ashelle), karaoke (again Rose and Ashelle, though Damien is almost always dragged along) to  name a few things!

9. Describe each character’s fashion style (use pictures if you’d like!) How are their styles different/similar?

Rose’s fashion style

Ashelle’s fashion style

Ashelle’s clothing style is crazier and more colourful than Rose’s. It’s also important to Rose that she can fight in whatever she’s wearing.

Damien’s fashion style

10. How would their lives be different without each other?

If Rose and Damien didn’t know each other, that would mean they weren’t The Chosen Ones, meaning their lives would be a lot more peaceful and saver. Damien would be living in Amsterdam and Rose’s parents would be alive. If they weren’t friends with Ashelle their lives wouldn’t be that drastically different (though if Rose and Damien were friends and thus The Chosen Ones, Ashelle’s life would be very different and less dangerous), though it would be a bit boring.

And that was it for today’s post! If you want to find out more about these characters, click on ‘writing’ in the menu and then on ‘The Chosen Ones’.
Have you participated in Beautiful People this month? Share your post with me! I always love reading everyone’s Beautiful People posts! :D


The Chosen Ones At Hogwarts

The Chosen Ones is my ya fantasy WIP. For more info, go to ‘Writing’ in the menu and then ‘The Chosen Ones’ for more posts about it!

Instead of writing, I decided to spend a few hours on sorting my main teens into Hogwarts Houses and photoshopping! (the latter is why it took a while). I know, I know. I should’ve been writing instead, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and it was FUN. So here we go:

Rose Clarke – Gryffindor

Rose isn’t always brave – she has her moments of weakness and she becomes braver with each book, but she will not hesitate to risk her life to save someone else’s. She’s lucky to have Damien and Egbert who never go in without a plan, as she’d like to go in head first and can be quite reckless.

Damien van Liere – Slytherin

Damien is ambitious and driven; he knows what he wants and he will do everything in his power to get it. He can also be very cunning, but always with good intentions (to find important information to defeat demons or save someone/the world for example).

Ashelle Zonneveld – Hufflepuff


Ashelle stays loyal to Rose and Damien throughout the years, even though she knows they’re hiding something from her. She has faith in her friends and believes that whatever it is, they’re hiding it for good reasons. She will never let them down. She’s also kind (most of the time) and trusting. Basically she’s the sweetest little thing (again, most of the time and not to everyone) and I’m very sorry for what I’m going to put her through.

Dan Eckhardt – Slytherin

Dan is determined and cunning like Damien, though not always with good intentions. Just like a lot of Slytherins he’s very self-preserved, especially at the beginning. He does go out of his way to save his loved ones, but it’s not likely he’ll save a stranger.

Sophie Huigswee – Ravenclaw

Sophie is always ready to learn, as long as it’s interesting enough. She’s witty and curious, and is creative (though Ashelle is too, but she is really more of a Puff). Sophie is the one along with Egbert to try and solve the mysteries, and is very proud when she finds the answer before he does, as she looks up to him.

Mick Petersen – Hufflepuff

I knew immediately that Mick is a Hufflepuff (unlike Ashelle, as she really fits in Gryffindor as well): loyal, kind, hardworking, fair, always willing to help and good at finding good books (sorry for the pun, but I couldn’t help myself). Unlike Ashelle he’s always the sweetest thing (except not so little).

Now I have all these headcanons of my babies at Hogwarts haha. This was a lot of fun to do and hey, I improved my photoshop skills! How would you sort your characters? 


Beautiful People || July


Beautiful People is a link-up hosted by Cait from Paper Fury and Sky from Further Up and Further In where writers answer questions about their books/characters.

It’s been a while since I participated in Beautiful People, since I forgot to do it every month (how did I manage to do that??). Anyway! This time I decided to answer these questions for Ashelle. If you’re unfamiliar with my WIP The Chosen Ones (of which Ashelle is a main character) you can click on ‘writing’ in my menu and then on ‘The Chosen Ones’ for more posts!

1. What’s their favourite ice cream flavour?

Ashelle really loves cookie dough. Damn now I’m craving cookie dough ice cream.

2. Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What are they wearing? Who will they be with?

A night out is usually either at Rose’s or at the movies with her friends. There isn’t much to do in Hellburgh at night, and even if there was Ashelle wouldn’t go clubbing or anything. During the weekends she could go to Amsterdam, but only if there’s a concert she’d want to go to. She’d drag everyone with her, somehow convincing them that they too want to go and that they should buy tickets.

Here’s a collage where you can see Ashelle’s clothing style.

3. Look at your character’s feet. Describe what you see there. Do they wear dress shoes, gym shoes, or none at all? Are they in socks that are ratty and full of holes? What do they consider comfortable and what do they consider agony?

You can see some shoes in the collage above. She also wears Dr. Martens though. She owns several pairs: black with pink shoelaces, the special Hello Kitty Dr. Martens and bright pink ones. Her socks are in perfect condition. She only wears comfortable shoes. If a pair hurts her feet, she’ll never wear them again.

4. Do they have any birthmark or scars? Where are they and how did they get them?

As of right now she doesn’t have any scars, but she will get some in the future. She’ll get them by fighting demons.

5. What kind of music do they listen to? Does it change depending on their mood or is it always consistent? (Feel free to share samples!)

Ashelle loves J-pop, K-pop and Jedward, though she also enjoys listening to Taylor Swift. She prefers cheerful music and that doesn’t change with her mood.

6. Do they have any musical talent? Play an instrument? How’s their singing voice?

Nope. She likes to pretend she has a great singing voice (she calls herself ‘the queen of karaoke’), but she knows she’s terrible and that Rose is the one with the X-factor talent.

7. What kind of book would you catch them reading?

Ashelle loves manga, preferably shoujo, though she has read some other genres. When it comes to books she reads about everything young adult, as long as it’s not horror and the blurb sounds interesting enough. Fun fact that has nothing to do with this question: she loves drawing fan art of her favourite books.

8. How would they spend their summers (or their holidays)?

She’d go on holiday with her family for one or two weeks and the rest of it she would spend drawing, watching tv shows and anime, reading, meeting up with her friends… Just normal teenage stuff! Oh and fighting demons might happen occasionally as well. That’s less normal for a teenager.

9. It’s Saturday at noon. What is your character doing? Give details. Ex. If they’re eating breakfast, what’s on the menu? Are they hiking, shopping, lazing around?

She’s either making homework (depends on how much she needs to do) or drawing, while in the meantime messaging with her friends. On some Saturdays you might find her shopping (she can’t go shopping every week. I mean, who can?). If she doesn’t have any homework and neither do her friends, they will be hanging out, though they usually do this in the evening.

10. Is there anything your character wants to be free of?

Her self-doubt when it comes to her art and acting.

Did you participate in Beautiful People this month? Share the link of your posts in the comments if you did, so I can check it out!

– The Writing Hufflepuff

777 Challenge

GASP. A post about writing! After…three months or so? Woah. That’s terrible since my blog’s name is The Writing Hufflepuff.

Anyway, thank you Rachana for tagging me for the 777 Challenge! In this challenge you have to share seven lines from the seventh page of (one of) your WIP(s), so this sounds like a lot of fun.

My seven lines

”Petra, duh. Sophie is okay.”
Rose looked at her in disbelief.
”She got me temporarily expelled!”
Ashelle gave her a stern look.
”You attacked her, remember?”
”Oh, Damien’s here!” Rose quickly looked away and waved at her other best friend, to which Ashelle rolled her eyes.
”Sure, pretend like you didn’t here me. Real mature.”

I like this snippet as it shows Rose and Ashelle’s friendship.

Now I need to tag seven other bloggers:

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And anyone else who wants to do this! Also don’t feel obligated to do this if I’ve tagged you!

Have you done this challenge yet? Share the link in the comments! I’d love to check out your post.

– The Writing Hufflepuff

The Chosen Ones on Social Media III

Time for another look at my characters Facebook pages! Last time I showed you Rose’s timeline, today it’s Dan’s turn. Some important background information: Dan is a shapeshifter that can turn into a fox. I hope you guys will have as much fun reading this as I had making it!

Damien changed Dan’s header. Dan has no idea how.

Oh I love Dan, especially when everyone teases him. Are any of your characters on social media? Would they use it to play pranks on each other like Damien? Let me know!

– The Writing Hufflepuff