Why you should watch The Heirs

Last month I finished The Heirs, so now obviously I need to shower you all in lots of gifs hoping you’ll decide to watch it. I’d like to thank (it sounds like I’m accepting an award. THANK YOU FOR THE OSCAR) Raisa for recommending The Heirs to me, or I might have never watched it!

So what’s The Heirs about? 

Kim Tan is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it’s a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home schemes to take over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun Sang, who arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she’s the daughter of his family’s housekeeper. When his fiancée Rachel Yoo arrives to bring him back to Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty.

Credits to mydramalist.com because I was too lazy to try and summarise it, also this is isn’t even half what it’s about. I mean, they don’t even mention my babies Choi Young Do and Lee Bo Na. There are so many characters and so many other storylines besides Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang’s, it will be a bit confusing at first, but get through that confusion and keep watching, because it is definitely worth it!

So here are some reasons as to why you should watch it. 

It has plenty of hilarious moments

Yet it will also break your heart

*no gifs because SPOILERS but have the tissues ready if you’re an emotional puddle of feels like me (what kind of description is that omg)*

The characters are amazing and distinctive. I swear you’ll fall in love with most of them

Like I said, there is so much more going on than just Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan’s story. All the other characters have their own interesting storylines and relationships with each other that make the drama so much better.

AMAZING relationships, from family to friendship to romantic

Because Kim Tan and Choi Young Do (especially Young Do. You can hand him over to me Cha Eun Sang)

THEIR BROMANCE. THEIR BROMANCE GUYS. I know it doesn’t really look like much of a bromance in these gifs, but trust me haha. IT MADE ME CRY (okay so I cry pretty quickly but ssh). Now time for some Young Do appreciation.

Young Do came out to have a good time and honestly feels so attacked right now sorrynotsorry


No but seriously, he has such amazing character development

Lee Bo Na is an amazing character. She’s so adorable I love her

Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chan Young are adorable. Like seriously relationship goals

Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang’S MOMS have the best relationship though

It’s incredibly addictive and will take up your personal life (maybe that’s a reason NOT to watch it)

I love the music, especially when I got to sing along with LOVE IS THE MOMEEEEENT

It’s just beautiful okay?

There’s so much more that I would love to discuss, but I can’t without spoiling everything!

Just trust me on this and watch it okay?

Have you seen The Heirs? Or maybe I’ve convinced you to watch it? *puppy eyes* What’s your favourite Korean drama? Mine still is Dream High



The Weekly Hufflepuff #17


Three weeks of freedom here I come! (though of course I also have to study… But let’s focus on the freedom part)


  • I finished the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Expect a review soon! (when I say review I mean a post with lot’s of pictures and fangirl gibberish)
  • I started and finished Model Misfit and even wrote a review already!


It was the last week of school before the holidays and boy am I glad that the holidays have started. I was so exhausted, going to school like some kind of robot and just wishing for it to be Friday already

We finished one of our subjects, so now I just need to write a report and then I’m DONE (I really need to motivate myself to write it)

I met up with a friend on Thursday, you can read all about it here

I finished watching The Heirs and started You’re Beautiful. I watched the Japanese remake Ikemen Desu Ne a few years ago and really loved it, so I’m curious to see the original!

what I posted-2


Once again I’m very behind. Bloglovin no longer tells you how many unread posts there are in your feed in total, but I don’t need it to tell me there are a lot! Thankfully I have a lot of freedom now so I have time to catch up!

And that was another week! Tomorrow I’m going to go Christmas shopping, but for now, I have a report to write *sigh*. How was your week?


The Weekly Hufflepuff #16



I’ve been admiring and worshipping the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (and reading it too of course). Expect a review soon!


I really need to write down all the things that I want to mention here because apparently I have a terrible memory (Edit: hey look, I remembered quite a bit!)

I’m not sure how I feel about the Once Upon a Time midseason finale. I have very mixed feelings about it. BUT HEY (minor spoiler in white. If you’ve kept up with casting news it’s not a spoiler at all even if you haven’t seen the finale yet): WE’RE THEY’RE GOING TO THE UNDERWORLD AND I LOVE THE UNDERWORLD AND HERC AND MEG AND HADES THEY BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP (though I’m not sure how I feel about the casting of Herc and Meg)


I started watching The Heirs (Korean drama) this week and I’m quite addicted. I’ll probably write a post about it during my Christmas break.

I visited my grandpa today (which is nothing new
as I visit him every Sunday unless I’m ill/have exams for example) BUT ON MY WAY HOME I PASSED A PUG AND WE STARED AT EACH OTHER AND I SWEAR THERE WAS A CONNECTION. Me @ pug:

I swear I mentally squealed

Also I’ve started wearing hats this week (I know this is not very interesting but the next bit is): I was wearing my Pikachu hat and I passed two dogs who both aggressively barked at me. Is it the Pikachu hat?? Do they hate Pikachu?? What has Pikachu done to them??

If you missed yesterday’s posts (I don’t know in which one I mentioned it): I had a funny dream Saturday night. I dreamed that I was a talking panda with magical powers. I was on a boat with my classmates and we were being chased by some bad guys. I stopped them by creating a tsunami with my panda powers.

WE PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE THIS WEEK. I’ll take some better pictures later this week. Mainly of my new Disney ornaments I got this year that are GORGEOUS


An excerpt of The Hidden Oracle (book one in The Trials of Apollo, a new series by Uncle Rick which will be published next frickin’ year) was released. Read it here, you won’t regret it. I’m SO EXCITED. Way more excited than I am for Magnus Chase’s sequel (just realised I still haven’t posted my review…)

what I posted-2

Not much. I wanted to blog more, but I was so exhausted. There are so many posts I still want to post this month, I might have to post twice a day during my break to do so.


I’m once again behind on reading blogs… Oh well! I try to keep the amount of posts in my Bloglovin feed beneath 100. Here are some of the posts I liked this week:

And that’s a wrap! How was your week? What have you been reading? Are you all set for Christmas yet? I’m not! But that’s what Christmas break is for, right?