5 Books That I Need To Be Turned Into Anime

Us bookworms have a love/hate relationship with adaptations – obviously we want our favourite books on the small/big screen, but if it’s not done right… All hell breaks loose. But do we learn from those disastrous adaptations? Do we become cautious?

Nope we dream of more adaptations! Or at least I do. I spend waaaay too many hours thinking about books that would make great movies, tv shows, video games, musicals and as I will talk about in this post: anime. I might do a second part at some point in the future, but here are five books/series that I would love to see turned into anime.

💛 Geek Girl 💛

Geek Girl would be SUCH a cute and funny shoujo?? Harriet would on one hand be the PERFECT shoujo protagonist as she’s clumsy and can be so oblivious about what’s going on around her, but on the other hand she’d be so refreshing because she is so so flawed but she realises it and grows so much throughout the books. Also cute friendships!! Cute romances!! The most adorable family!! Travelling around the world and shenanigans!! Modelling gone wrong!! Where is my Geek Girl anime I made myself want it so badly now 

💛 The Chaos Walking Trilogy 💛

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE BADASS OPENINGS AND MELANCHOLIC ENDINGS BECAUSE I CAN. Especially the ending of season 2 a.k.a. The Ask and the Answer with (select the following text to read the spoiler) Todd and Viola being separated it would be so beautiful yet the ANGST. And you know those terrifying anime villain expressions, with the eyes bulging and the creepy grin (bonus points if they laugh out loud too) I could so imagine mayor Prentiss like that in an anime. The plot and themes are just perfect for an anime – it would work so well. Oh no I just thought of Manchee in anime style rip there goes my heart and soul.

Oh boy this post was not a good idea now I got ANOTHER anime I badly want and will I get it?? Most likely not

💛 Percy Jackson 💛

Okay so the movies failed TERRIBLY like they probably just read the blurbs, thought ‘that sounds cool’ and went with that and now I’m left with a huge hole in my chest that needs to be filled with a good Percy Jackson adaptation and an anime?? Would be GREAT. A western cartoon would be too (like if done by the same team as Avatar). The creatures, magic and all that jazz would cost a lot of money in live action stuff to make it look good, but animated?? That would look SO good. Plus the humour would just work so well – imagine those expressions!!

💛 The Lunar Chronicles 💛

Marissa Meyer’s worldbuilding would look STUNNING in an anime, imagine the music, Thorne is basically an anime character already and just,, it works so well?? That’s all I have to say?? Because it’s been too long since I’ve read this series rip*

* I want to reread SO MANY BOOKS so badly but 1) I have plenty of unread books to read and 2) reading slump rip

💛 Harry Potter 💛

Listen, I love the movies, but I would love a tv show or an anime that follows the books more closely, includes scenes that weren’t that important to the plot and thus left out, develops the characters and relationships better… A tv show would be AMAZING but an anime would be fun too. I just want both to be honest. Can you imagine Draco being turned into a ferret, anime-style?? Iconic. Harry Potter is filled with so many unique characters that are perfect for anime and all the magic would look incredible.

What do you think of my choices? Do you agree with them? Which books would you love to see turned into anime? Let me know in the comments!

My Harry Potter Life Tag

Guys I created another tag (yes even though I have tags from like last year that I still need to do)! This time it’s to determine what your Harry Potter live would look like.


You pick four books and follow the instruction for each question.


1. The Raven Boys
2. The Last Ever After
3. Carry On
4. Winter


Open book 1 at a random page. The first noun you see will be what your wand is made of

Okay so my wand is made of ‘breeze’. Wonder how that will work. Maybe I’m an Airbender


Does book 2 have animals? One of those animals will now be your pet. If the book doesn’t have any animals, then I’m sorry but your pet-less. 

I know The Last Ever After has several animals, but the only ones I can remember are the rats. I do not want rats as pets. After doing some research I remembered that Agatha had a cat, so I’ll have a cat

Or two. Or more


Open book 3 at a random page. Whatever House you’d think the character’s name you first see belongs to, is your House (woah that’s a weird sentence, hope that made sense)

Simon Snow. Honestly, I see Simon as a little Puff like me (and I’m not just saying that to keep my House lol). I mean he can be a Gryffindor too, of course, but in my heart he’s a Puff (don’t ask me for arguments I need to reread the book)


Open book 4 at a random page. The first two names will be your best friends and complete your squad. If there’s only one name at said page, open another random page.

I swear if one of the first two I see is Levana… Cinder oh thank the Stars. And Kai!

I love my little trio


Open book 1 at a random page. The first name you’ll see will be your Head of House

Gansey. I think he’d make a pretty decent Head of House, if he’s even at Hogwarts and not looking for Glendower


Naturally you’ll need your arch nemesis/school rival. Open book 2 at a random page, the first name you’ll see will be your enemy.



Open book 3 at a random page. The first living creature you’ll see will be your Patronus

Penny. Penny is my Patronus haha. She’ll keep me save *nods* (also I love her and she’s one of my spirit animals so this is pretty accurate)


How many pages does book 4 have? That’s how many points you’ll House have at the end of the school year. If the book has more than 400 pages it will have won the Cup, congrats!

824 pages that House Cup is mine Muggles

(honestly never thought that I’d ever use a gif of Voldemort laughing but here we are)


Angel | Aentee | Elly | Eve | Evi | Sophie | Victoria | Whoever wants to do this!

Once again, if I tagged you don’t feel obligated to do this!

Fictional Characters as Olympians

So Fadwa had the amazing idea to do a list of her favourite characters as Olympians, and in the end she turned it into a tag by tagging several bloggers. Thank you so much for tagging me Fadwa! Also if you’re not familiar with her awesome blog yet, go check it out. I couldn’t think of any character for the ‘cycling’ category, so I replaced it with ‘swimming’.


It took me a while to think of a character who had ever used a gun, so when I finally thought of Scarlet Benoit I felt stupid. I’m sorry for not thinking of you sooner Scar, I love you.


Todd Hewitt and Viola Eade. Slightly cheating here by choosing two characters, but these two must have great stamina after the events of the Chaos Walking trilogy and I assume could run really fast.


My first thought was Annabeth Chase (there are way too many Riordan characters here haha). I don’t know if she knows taekwando, but she can fight so I’m choosing her.


I can see Luna Lovegood being a gymnast? Especially a rhythmic gymnast.


For this one I have to go with the God of Archery, Apollo himself. Though if he were to compete it would be a little unfair, so maybe his son Will Solace would be better? Okay let’s not think TOO hard about this haha


Hazel Levesque, though not on Arion since he’s the fastest horse on the planet (if you haven’t read the Heroes of Olympus series, he’s unnaturally fast) that would be unfair.


Celaena Sardothien is the first to come to mind. She’s great with a sword, so I think she’d be pretty good at fencing too.


I have to go with Percy Jackson of course. Maybe a bit unfair since he’s a son of Poseidon, but hey I’m letting Apollo enter as well, so why not. Plus in The Hidden Oracle he’s on the swim team so hey, who knows maybe the Olympics are in Percy’s future

I tag whoever wants to do this!

Review: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer


Genre: Ya | fairytale retelling | sci-fi
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #4.5
Goodreads rating: 4.38
My rating: ★★★★★


The Keeper: A prequel to the Lunar Chronicles, showing a young Scarlet and how Princess Selene came into the care of Michelle Benoit.
Glitches: In this prequel to Cinder, we see the results of the plague play out, and the emotional toll it takes on Cinder. Something that may, or may not, be a glitch….
The Queen’s Army: In this prequel to Scarlet, we’re introduced to the army Queen Levana is building, and one soldier in particular who will do anything to keep from becoming the monster they want him to be.
Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: Thirteen-year-old Carswell Thorne has big plans involving a Rampion spaceship and a no-return trip out of Los Angeles.
After Sunshine Passes By: In this prequel to Cress, we see how a nine-year-old Cress ended up alone on a satellite, spying on Earth for Luna.
The Princess and the Guard: In this prequel to Winter, we see a game called The Princess
The Little Android
: A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles.
The Mechanic: In this prequel to Cinder, we see Kai and Cinder’s first meeting from Kai’s perspective.
Something Old, Something New: In this epilogue to Winter, friends gather for the wedding of the century…


WARNING: Do not read this review if you haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles yet

I love how we learn more about the main characters’ backgrounds. Amazingly it made me love the characters even more, which I didn’t think was possible!

The Keeper
This story isn’t just about Cinder coming into Michelle Benoit’s care, but of course also about Michelle and Scarlet’s relationship. While I felt really sad when Michelle died during Scarlet, I wasn’t that emotional or involved, since we never really saw their relationship. So thank you Marissa Meyer for completely crushing my heart because they had such an amazing relationship and Michelle Benoit was really an incredible woman. And of course reading about how Selene came into her care was really interesting too.

The only one I had already read back when I first read Cinder, as it was at the end of my copy. I never reviewed it back then though. I loved seeing young Cinder, her meeting her new ‘family’, playing with Peony and meeting Iko for the first time. Young Cinder broke my heart; trying to fit in and getting her new family to accept her. I’ll adopt you Cinder

The Queen’s Army
Oh my Stars smol Wolf can I just grab him and hug him because the poor boy needs it. Especially when he vows to never end up on the operation table again and you remember what happened in Winter hahaha NO. Marissa Meyer why must you do this to us. And to your characters. Hasn’t Wolf gone through enough

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky
While I love all the stories, this one is definitely one of my favourites. It’s not just a fun read (because Thorne), it also explained so much about Thorne as a person. I understand him so much better after reading this story, and I love him even more.

After Sunshine Passes By
Oh my Stars poor little naive Cress come here you can live on Earth with me. We already knew from the book Cress that Cress thought she was going to Earth instead of a satellite, but actually reading her thoughts was so heartbreaking.

The Princess and The Guard
Okay this was ADORABLE. While Jacin is my least favourite of the eight (doesn’t mean I don’t love him!), I always loved his relationship with Winter and this made me love it even more. In fact, it made me appreciate Jacin more too. And ugh can I hug Winter. Basically I want to take all of these characters in.

The Little Android
I didn’t expect this one to be about an android we hadn’t met yet! I thought it would be about Iko, so I went in thinking it was Iko’s background story and was quickly confused haha. I love this twist on The Little Mermaid though and even though it was about characters that I didn’t know yet and had no attachment to, I really enjoyed it.

The Mechanic
This one and Something Old, Something New are tied for the first place. I had already read an excerpt back when Stars Above was announced and oh my Stars do I love this story. More scenes that were originally from Cinder’s perspective from Kai’s please. He’s such a dork I love him.

Something Old, Something New
Obviously I won’t tell you who’s getting married, but if you’re like me and ship all the ships, you have nothing to lose anyway. Plus the entire crew is back together and it’s beautiful. I love their friendship so much. It’s so nice to see them all hang out and have fun, instead of running for their lives. Is it greedy to ask for more

So basically I loved it and it’s beautiful and perfect just go read it if you haven’t yet seriously what are you waiting for

Have you read Stars Above yet? How did you feel about it? Was the wedding a surprise or did you suspect it was going to be between these two characters? (do be careful of spoiling people who haven’t read it yet though!) And which story was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!


Bookish Pop! Funkos I Need In My Life

I don’t know how it happened, but recently I suddenly envisioned Cath from Fangirl as a Pop! Funko and it was the cutest thing. I’d draw it but I’m lazy and it’d take up waaaay to much time (and I don’t have that much time). Inspired by this ‘vision’ though, I decided to list some bookish Pop! Funkos I need in my life that I will probably never get, unless they’re turned into a popular movie/tv show (which would be awesome without the Funkos of course).

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Source: Noelle Stevenson

Starting with the book that inspired this post, a Cath Pop! Funko would be adorable. Can you imagine little Cath, wearing her Carry On Simon T-shirt and cardigan, a copy of Simon Snow in her hand? ‘Cause I can.

In addition Levi and Reagan would be adorable too, and while I can’t really picture Wren (maybe a reread is due – not that I need an excuse to reread Fangirl) I know she’d be cute as a Pop! Funko

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Source: Paper Pie

And obviously I need Snowbaz as Pop! Funkos as well. I need them because of reasons. And of course I need Penelope and Agatha to finish the squad (I know almost everyone hates Agatha but I really don’t. Also her Pop! Funko needs her dog Lucy).

Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus

Source: Viria

Duh. I need my favourite demigods to stand in front of my Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books. Preferably with cute objects that fit them. Percy with blue pizza in his hand (or other food, as long as it’s blue) and Riptide in the other; Annabeth with her dagger and laptop/a book; Grover I dunno holding a flower? He’d be cute either way; Jason wearing his dorky glasses; Leo with his tool belt and a wrench or other tool in his hand (maybe a flame in his other or is that too much to ask?); Piper with her dagger; Hazel with gems; Nico with a Happy Meal; Frank half transformed in preferably a cute animal like a panda (Frank is like a panda or a teddy bear, don’t fight me on this); Reyna just looking badass, maybe riding her Pegasus Scipio; Rachel holding a paintbrush and the infamous blue hairbrush; and of course Tyson and Ella and… I could go on because I want all the characters (well except Smelly Gabe). BUT HOW AWESOME WOULD THESE BE.

The Lunar Chronicles

Source: Candy8496

I need the Rampion Crew as Pop! Funko guys (including Iko of course. It was really hard to find good fan art of the entire crew, and for some reason I couldn’t find any with Iko in it. Is it too greedy to ask for android Iko and escort-droid Iko). I need them. Like air (okay not like air or I would’ve died already but you get what I mean). They would make such great, distinctive and adorable Pop! Funkos and I want to cry because unless the books are adapted for film/tv (preferably the latter) they will never exist and I need them. Can we start a petition for bookish Pop! Funkos so that they know they’re in demand and will sell well please. Oh and since they made a Hogwarts Express and the couch from Friends (or they’re making it, I don’t know if it’s out yet) can we get the Rampion itself too.


Shadowhunters has the most chance of getting their own Pop! Funkos because of the tv show. If it does well and becomes more popular, who knows? Obviously the Pops will look like the actors and I’m 100% down for that. THEY’LL BE EVEN MORE ADORABLE. How will they capture Matthew Dadario’s beauty in Pop! Funko form though. Oh and they better not leave out Luke (he’s a main character thank you), Raphael and Lydia.

There are probably a lot more bookish Pop! Funkos that I want (including the new and already existing Harry Potter Pop! Funkos duh), but these were the first ones that came to mind and that I really want. What bookish Pop! Funkos do you need in your life? Let me know in the comments!


The Disney Princess Book Tag

Thank you Cátia for tagging me for this awesome tag! I think most of you already know that I love Disney so this tag is perfect.

3 Princess Facts

  1. I can’t choose a favourite Princess. I just can’t. I love them all, though not equally and for different reasons, they hold a special place in my heart. And my favourites? Um. Yeah. I can’t even make a top three. It’s impossible guys
  2. That said I can’t choose a favourite Disney Princess movie either. Then again I can’t choose a favourite Disney film in the first place
  3. I used to have an Aladdin themed room and thus had a big tiger plush named Rajah as well

Snow White – What’s your favorite classic?

The Picture of Dorian Gray, hands down. I really need to read more of Oscar Wilde, I love what I’ve read of his so far and he’s one of my favourite authors and people (who has a TARDIS that I can borrow so I can go meet him)

Cinderella – What book kept you up
way past your bedtime?

My memory is terrible, but I think it was Winter by Marissa Meyer. That book guys. That book. HOW COULD I PUT IT DOWN.

Aurora – What’s your favourite classic romance?

I actually haven’t read that many classic romances, so I’ll go with Pride and Prejudice which I did really enjoy

Ariel – Name a book about making sacrifices
and fighting for your dreams

Well it depends what kind of sacrifices and dreams you’re talking about. There are sacrifices and fighting for dreams in Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles for example.

Belle – Name a book with a smart,
independent female character

I wish I could give you an answer that isn’t Hermione Granger but honestly I can’t.

Jasmine – Name a book with a character that challenged the social conventions of his/her world

I’m going to go with the same answer as Cátia and say Alec Lightwood

Pocahontas – Name a book whose ending
was a roller coaster of emotions

Hahaha which book wasn’t (of course there are also a lot of books that weren’t). The latest book that would fit this would be The Ask and the Answer. That ending adnjfs. And I still haven’t gotten my hands on Monsters of Men yet. What is this sorcery

Mulan – Name a book with a kickass female character

How can I choose? I love that it’s hard to choose though, because that means we have a lot to choose from. I’m going with Celaena/Aelin (did I spell her name right oh my god it’s been years and I still doubt my spelling skills when it comes to her name. Thankfully her real name is much easier to spell thank you Sarah)

Tiana – Name a book featuring a
hardworking, self-made character

Alex from Made You Up. She worked really hard to fit in and do well at school.

Rapunzel – A book that features an artist

It took me so long to remember Clary Fray haha. How could I forget her?

Merida – Name a book that features
a mother-daughter relationship

Why is it taking me so long to come up with one?! Oh yeah, because mother-daughter relationships are almost non-existent in (YA) books. OH OH. Molly and Ginny. How could I forget?

Anna & Elsa – A book with a great
relationship between siblings

The Weasley’s are my favourite fictional family and I love the sibling relationships, but I also really love the Lightwoods siblings, especially on the tv show.

Now it’s tagging time! I tag:

Elly | Sophie | Kat

Don’t feel obligated to do this!

Who is your favourite Disney Princess? Or are you like me and you can’t choose? Speaking of Disney Princesses, are you excited for Moana? I just can’t wait for it (and I have been waiting ever since it was announced haha). Let me know in the comments!


The Rip It Or Ship It Book Tag

Thank you Analee for tagging me! I always thought this tag looked like fun, so now I’m finally doing it! If you’re not familiar with this tag, you have to write down a bunch of characters names and pick two at random without looking. You either ship that couple or rip it. Since I’m lazy I used a random group generator that did all the work for me haha. Let’s take a look at the ships, shall we?

Carswell Thorne + Cress 

Don’t you love it when this happens? As you may know I absolutely love Cresswell, so this makes me very happy. Obviously, I ship it.

Percy Jackson + Magnus Bane

I have one word for you: Malec


Wolf + Scarlet Benoit 

Once again, don’t you love it when this happens? While I ship Cresswell and Cinder and Kai more (what is there shipname? I thought long and hard about it but… Kainder? That sounds so much like Grindr lol), I love Wolf and Scarlet together. I ship it

Kai + Annabeth Chase 

You know, I actually really like this. If I put Percabeth and Kaindr (lol) out of my mind, I really like this. I think they’re pretty compatible. Annabeth and Cinder have quite some things in common, and so do Kai and Percy, so I think they’d hit it off.

But only if Percy and Cinder don’t exist.

Simon Snow + Hermione Granger 

Since Penelope is a lot like Hermione, I think Simon and Hermione would be great friends, but I don’t think it would ever be more than that. I ship their friendship but I rip their romance

Isabelle Lightwood + Alec Lightwood

I do wonder why I put Magnus and Alec in the generator if I was going to go ‘nope Malec’ anyway? I sometimes don’t understand my own brain. But this was a lot of fun! I loved that two out of three Lunar Chronicles ships were put together automatically.



Because this is fun and you should all do this. Not at all because I’m too lazy to tag people

Do you ship any of these ships? I hope you don’t ship the last one… 


The Weekly Hufflepuff #25

Um so what happened to February?? What happened to my first year of journalism because I’m almost halfway through my third term, which means that I’m almost about to start my fourth and last one?? What?? It feels like only yesterday that I was studying for my final exams in secondary school and you’re seriously telling me that I’ve almost finished my first year of college?


I finished rereading Cinder and started rereading Scarlet, which I just finished rereading today. On to Cress!


I cried at the first shot of Crystal Reed in the flashback episode. She was amazing and badass like always (though all the French accents…*face palm*). I do have some problems with the episode though, but oh well. Two episodes left!! How are they going to solve everything?! I swear they put waaay too many storylines into one season.


I downloaded Pokémon Yellow and almost cried. Yellow was my first Pokémon game (before that I played my brother’s Pokémon game but wasn’t allowed to save or do much haha) and since I couldn’t really read, let alone in English, I never finished it since at some point my Game Boy Advance died (I’m still devastated at this). You have no idea how mad I was that Game Boy Colour games couldn’t be played on a DS. BUT NOW I CAN FINALLY FINISH IT.

what I posted-2

Look how much I posted this week! Hopefully I’ll keep this up haha


And that’s a wrap! How was your week? Let me know in the comments!


OTPs I’m Currently Obsessing Over

Originally I wasn’t going to do anything Valentine-related, but why not take this opportunity to talk about some fictional couples I’ve been obsessed over lately? Notice the lately, because I have a lot of OTPs and it would be so hard to choose only a few (of course I’d love to fangirl about all of my OTPs with you guys, but that post will turn into an entire book haha) So what five ships have I been shipping like crazy lately?



Fun fact: I shipped Stydia before I even watched the show. I saw a lot of gif posts of them on Tumblr and just unconsciously started shipping them. Of course it became much worse when I actually started to watch the show. My love for this ship hasn’t died down at all since I started to watch the show, but it has become much worse the past two weeks with the latest episodes. If you’ve seen them you know what I’m talking about. I’m on a Stydia high guys and I’ve just been listening to Where’s My Love on repeat. Whether you watch the show or not, listen to this song because it’s beautiful


I never stopped obsessing over Malec, but boy it has reached a new level when last week’s episode of Shadowhunters aired. You can say a lot of negative things about the show, but damn are they doing my OTP justice. This week we got what was maybe a minute, yet it gave me so many feels. Plus I still haven’t recovered from last week’s ep. HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE THE EPISODE THAT’S LITERALLY CALLED MALEC?


These two. I don’t know how I haven’t died of cuteness yet because oh my god. They’re too adorable for words. I squealed so many times during this drama. Look forward to a post about it soon (may or may not be a review. It’s very likely that it will just be me fangirling instead). AND THE ENDING OH MY GOD. RAISA GET THERE SOON BECAUSE IT’S JUST DWFBJSDH I NEED SOMEONE TO FANGIRL WITH WITHOUT SPOILING THEM


I love all the other ships (especially Cinder and Kai) but Cresswell is definitely my favourite. They’re too adorable for words and the way their relationship developed was slow yet definitely worth it. Winter killed me mainly because of these two. How am I not dead yet with all of these adorable couples. It’s been a while since I read Winter (and I still don’t have Stars Above *returns to my puddle of tears*) but I’m still obsessing over these two.


My obsession has died down a bit since I first read the book (emphasis on a bit) but when I first finished Carry On I was just high on feels. Their relationship gave me actual adrenaline and I just couldn’t stop smiling. God I need to reread this book (and if you haven’t read it yet: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR)

So these are the ships that have been killing me lately. What ships have you been obsessing over lately? Let me know in the comments!


Review: Winter by Marissa Meyer


Genre: Young adult | sci-fi | fairytale retelling
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #4
Goodreads rating: 4.60
My rating: ★★★★★

IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST THREE BOOKS THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? No, that came out wrong. If you haven’t read the first three books yet, and you still want to, and you don’t want to be spoiled at all, I advice you to stop reading NOW!


Princess Winter is admired by the Lunar people for her grace and kindness, and despite the scars that mar her face, her beauty is said to be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana.

Winter despises her stepmother, and knows Levana won’t approve of her feelings for her childhood friend—the handsome palace guard, Jacin. But Winter isn’t as weak as Levana believes her to be and she’s been undermining her stepmother’s wishes for years. Together with the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, and her allies, Winter might even have the power to launch a revolution and win a war that’s been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter defeat Levana and find their happily ever afters?


How do I even start this review? I’m very tempted to write this review in a list, since I have a feeling this will be a mess otherwise…

Let me start by saying that Winter was definitely worth the wait and a perfect conclusion to the series. Everything feels wrapped up, no questions are left unanswered, no plot holes, just a perfect ending (but is it a happy one or not? FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF HAHAHA *evil laugh*)

But let’s get down to business shall we? (kudos if you sang that) On Saturday I already wrote a post about my feels in gifs (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) so if you read that, you already know that I loved Winter a lot and that the fangirl levels were (still are actually) high.

I’m going to start with discussing the titular character and her love interest Jacin. If you’ve read my gif post, you may have noticed the lack of these two. Did I not love them? I loved Winter, she’s adorable, fun(ny), complex, interesting, kindhearted and while she’s definitely based on Snow White, she’s so much better than the original or the Disney version. My post just focused more on the others, because I’m more attached to them and they gave me a lot more feels since I’ve known them longer. Jacin though… I don’t know how I feel about Jacin. I do sort of like him, and he and Winter are cute together, but as a character? Meh. I’m not really a fan. I prefer Kai, Thorne and Wolf (especially the first two. Someone give them to me for my birthday).

While we’re still talking about Winter (the character, not the book. We’ll be talking about the book in the entire post), I loved the nods to the original fairytale. They were very subtle, but obvious if you’re familiar with the fairytale. I think my favourite was when Winter was cleaning up… somewhere (trying not to spoil is hard haha). I also loved how easy it is to forget that you’re reading a Snow White retelling (at least it was to me!). I was so immersed in everything else, that I forgot that certain things were going to happen (wow, can I get any more vague?).

Just like with Scarlet and Cress, I just couldn’t stop reading. I had to put it down, since I had homework to do. Plus I forced myself to, since I didn’t want it to be over! (I felt so empty once I had finished it haha. Still am in a massive reading slump as I’m writing this. With the emphasis on ‘as I’m writing this’. I hope to be out of it once this is published). There was so much going on, it felt like every chapter ended on a cliffhanger (maybe that was the case, I don’t exactly remember as there were many chapters) and I was just on the edge of my seat the entire time (figuratively. In reality I was lying on my ass). Even though I’m not really a fan of Jacin, all the povs were fun and interesting to read about (though I might have thought differently if Jacin had had more chapters, since he didn’t have that many). I just love that we get to read about EVERYTHING that’s going on. We see different sides, so we have the entire picture.

The other characters are amazing as always, so are the relationships and the dialogues between them. Levana got even crazier (is that even possible?). Reading about the resistance and the war against Levana gave me such a rush. Winter is just such an emotional rollercoaster, especially if you loved the first three books and are very emotionally involved in this series and attached to these characters. There’s so much I want to talk about, but

Have you read Winter yet? What did you think of it? I think Winter is one of my favourite series conclusions. I was so afraid that the ending would disappoint and ruin the entire series, BUT IT DIDN’T. So if you share those fears, don’t worry! Pick it up and start devouring this beauty.