Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon Day 7 + CHALLENGE

  Falling For Atumn 2.0 Read-a-Thon








Hey guys, it’s the last day of the Read-a-Thon! Can you believe it’s almost over already? With the emphasis on almost, since you still have time to read, read, read! Plus to catch up on challenges or do a new one (like mine *cough cough*).

So how am I doing?

I finished xxxHolic volume 3, so I once again read 150 pages yesterday. I didn’t get to read much yesterday because I had quite a bit of homework to do.


As you may have guessed from my title, my challenge has to do with fashion! You have to pick out a book cover and create a Fall outfit that matches said book cover.

The rules:

  • Pick a book cover (does not have to be related to Fall)
  • Create a Fall outfit by using Polyvore, pictures you found on Google/Tumblr/Pinterest (do give credit) or put on an outfit yourself and take a picture! (if you’re feeling very creative you can also draw it of course!)
  • Have fun! (yes, it’s a rule to have fun. Do not break this rule ;) )

My outfit:

Book Cover Outfits: The Silkworm

I chose The Silkworm, because it’s a pretty cover and I thought it’d be fun to create a detective outfit. I tried to recreate the colour scheme a bit with the skirt (not the exact same colour I know) and the lipstick. There’s also black on the cover, but black was mostly chosen to stay incognito (lol). The coat is elegant but detective like, Dr. Martens are perfect for running yet cute, sunglasses to again stay incognito, a backpack because it’s easier to run if your bag is on your back (at least in my experience haha) and of course a camera in case you need to take pictures as evidence! Oh and the beret because berets are cute.

I’m actually thinking of turning this into a feature/meme. Let me know what you think!

Anyway, if you’re participating in my challenge, let me know in the comments so I can check out your outfit! I can’t believe this is the last day of the read-a-thon already! I’ll do a wrap up post tomorrow, since I still have the entire Sunday to read. I think I did pretty well though!


Falling for Autumn Day 5

Falling For Atumn 2.0 Read-a-Thon

Hey guys! I wish I could’ve updated more during this read-a-thon, but on Wednesday I was busy all day with schoolwork and was too exhausted to blog afterwards and I stayed home from school yesterday and today, since I’m not feeling too well. I might go to the doctor on Monday if things continue like this. DON’T WORRY THOUGH. I’m fine. It’s more that I’m getting sick of being sick haha.

ANYHOW. How is the read-a-thon going so far since I last updated on Tuesday?

  • As I predicted I finished Circles in the Stream by Rachel Roberts
  • I finished All That Glitters by Rachel Roberts
  • I started Cry of the Wolf by Rachel Roberts (it’s an omnibus featuring these three books haha)
  • I finished rereading the entire Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga (I’m planning on writing a post about it now that it’s fresh in my mind again, so I can properly tell you guys why you MUST read it haha), which means I’ve read volume 11 to 28 so 18 volumes
  • I’ve read the first two volumes of xxxHolic. I’ve never really been interested in it, but I feel like I need to have read xxxHolic in order to understand Tsubasa World Chronicle 

The official challenges of this read-a-thon:

  • Read a total of three (3) books – I’ve read 22 books haha, yay for manga!
  • To read at least 150 pages per day – So far so good!
  • To read a book with the colour orange and/or brown on the coverI had actually picked The Silkworm for this challenge, but I can actually pick almost all of the Tsubasa volumes I read since Shaoran has brown hair and is on almost all of the covers. There’s also brown on the cover of Circles in the Stream.
  • To read a book out of your comfort zone (a book from a genre you don’t normally read) – Not yet! Rachel Roberts’ books are fantasy, which is my comfort zone. It’s also middle grade and while I usually read young adult, it’s not exactly outside of my comfort zone either.
  • To read a book with a word in the title that’s associated with autumn (autumn itself, leaf, acorn, chestnut, spider, cobweb, Halloween, etc…) Not yet.
  • To read a book that scares you (whether it’s a horror book, a book that intimidates you, you can pick up whatever reason for a book you scare you) – I’m still not planning on reading a book for this challenge. I don’t read horror (nor do I even have a horror book on my shelf) and a book that intimidates me would be Les Mis, and I won’t be able to finish that during this read-a-thon haha


Day 5’s challenge is the 394 Page Sentence! For this challenge I have to turn to page 394 of my current read (or one I plan to read) and read the first full sentence. Then I have to write a continuation of 55/75 words. Since my current read doesn’t have a page 394 I could also turn to page 31, but since I’m upstairs and my book is downstairs (so lazy, I know) I’ll be picking a book I’m planning to read, if not during this read-a-thon then next week: The Silkworm (I do hope my copy has over 394 pages…) It does! Phew, that could’ve been awkward haha. The original sentence will be in green, my continuation will be in blue.

After a brief pause Fancourt said:

”I am actually a rabbit from a faraway land.”

Strike and Robin looked at each other.

”I knew it.” Strike whispered.

”So it’s true then. You’re the one who kidnapped Alice.” Robin looked at the man in disgust.

Fancourt threw back his head and laughed.

”Kidnapped? That stupid child followed me on her own. Why would I kidnap that brat? She keeps on nagging and nagging: ‘White Rabbit, why are Tweedledee and Tweedledum called that way? White Rabbit, why is the Red Queen red? White Rabbit, White Rabbit…!”

Ah a little bit more than 75! Woops. Also don’t ask where the hell this came from guys. I have no idea haha. Sooo whoever Fancourt is, I’m sure he’s not actually the White Rabbit in disguise, and I doubt The Silkworm will turn out to be a fantasy novel. Don’t take this too serious haha.

How’s your read-a-thon going? If you’re not participating, what are you currently reading? If you are participating, have you done the 394 Page Challenge? Let me know, I want to check out yours!