Why Writers Can’t Disconnect From The Internet

The Internet. A glorious place, yet also very dangerous as it will distract you from your writing and before you know it you’re taking a Buzzfeed quiz about what kind of dragon you are instead of writing about said dragons (do they have a quiz like that though? I must take it…).

So our non-writer friends ask us: why don’t you just disconnect from the Internet? Well, my dear non-writer friends, here’s why:

Sometimes when you’re writing you’re wondering how something works. Or if it’s even possible

Google can be (one of) your best friends while writing. Sometimes you need that pie recipe, or the rules of tennis, or how long it takes before someone dies when hit by a *insert weapon* in *insert body part*.

I say while I Google that third, more ominous option (though I’m actually more like ‘I’M A WRITER DON’T ARREST ME’)

We all like to pretend that we have a great memory and a mind-palace like Sherlock, but sometimes our memory fails us

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t remember that one word. So Google it is, then. Though of course it also happens that you don’t even know how to describe said word, and then even Google can’t help you.

We feel the need to tweet about our writing

Sometimes you type something weird and feel the need to share that on Twitter so your friends can laugh with you. Other times you can express your frustrations and hope that your writer friends understand. Point is, talking about your writing with others is FUN! Not to mention sometimes we need a break, and Twitter is less addicting than Tumblr (for me at least).

How do I describe this??? HOW DO I EVEN WRITE

Thankfully there are plenty of websites and blog posts to help you with this! Like this useful character description resource, a list of character traitsΒ or a mythical creatures list for the fantasy writers among us.

”He said that mysteriously.” he said mysteriously

Sometimes you find yourself using the same word(s) over and over again. This is when the holy website ThesaurusΒ comes in handy (I’m sure there are other good synonym sites too. This is the one I love to use).

Don’t worry. Thesaurus is your other best friend

When you want to make a joke about the Smurfs but you’re not sure if Smurfin is called ‘Smurfette’ in English

And then you end up reading all about the Smurfs and reliving your childhood.

Me realising that I’m reading about THE SMURFS instead of WRITING which I should be doing


Same with books, films, games etc. It’s very awkward when you write that your character is dancing to Shake It Off in 1989 (ha! See what I did there?).

Your readers most likely

These are some of the reasons why we writers can’t just simply disconnect from the Internet. WE NEED IT. Not just to distract ourselves when we find ourselves staring at our screens not knowing what to do, but to look things up! To make our writing believable and better! Do you know any other reasons? Let me know in the comments!