Fictional Characters as Olympians

So Fadwa had the amazing idea to do a list of her favourite characters as Olympians, and in the end she turned it into a tag by tagging several bloggers. Thank you so much for tagging me Fadwa! Also if you’re not familiar with her awesome blog yet, go check it out. I couldn’t think of any character for the ‘cycling’ category, so I replaced it with ‘swimming’.


It took me a while to think of a character who had ever used a gun, so when I finally thought of Scarlet Benoit I felt stupid. I’m sorry for not thinking of you sooner Scar, I love you.


Todd Hewitt and Viola Eade. Slightly cheating here by choosing two characters, but these two must have great stamina after the events of the Chaos Walking trilogy and I assume could run really fast.


My first thought was Annabeth Chase (there are way too many Riordan characters here haha). I don’t know if she knows taekwando, but she can fight so I’m choosing her.


I can see Luna Lovegood being a gymnast? Especially a rhythmic gymnast.


For this one I have to go with the God of Archery, Apollo himself. Though if he were to compete it would be a little unfair, so maybe his son Will Solace would be better? Okay let’s not think TOO hard about this haha


Hazel Levesque, though not on Arion since he’s the fastest horse on the planet (if you haven’t read the Heroes of Olympus series, he’s unnaturally fast) that would be unfair.


Celaena Sardothien is the first to come to mind. She’s great with a sword, so I think she’d be pretty good at fencing too.


I have to go with Percy Jackson of course. Maybe a bit unfair since he’s a son of Poseidon, but hey I’m letting Apollo enter as well, so why not. Plus in The Hidden Oracle he’s on the swim team so hey, who knows maybe the Olympics are in Percy’s future

I tag whoever wants to do this!

The Disney Princess Book Tag

Thank you Cátia for tagging me for this awesome tag! I think most of you already know that I love Disney so this tag is perfect.

3 Princess Facts

  1. I can’t choose a favourite Princess. I just can’t. I love them all, though not equally and for different reasons, they hold a special place in my heart. And my favourites? Um. Yeah. I can’t even make a top three. It’s impossible guys
  2. That said I can’t choose a favourite Disney Princess movie either. Then again I can’t choose a favourite Disney film in the first place
  3. I used to have an Aladdin themed room and thus had a big tiger plush named Rajah as well

Snow White – What’s your favorite classic?

The Picture of Dorian Gray, hands down. I really need to read more of Oscar Wilde, I love what I’ve read of his so far and he’s one of my favourite authors and people (who has a TARDIS that I can borrow so I can go meet him)

Cinderella – What book kept you up
way past your bedtime?

My memory is terrible, but I think it was Winter by Marissa Meyer. That book guys. That book. HOW COULD I PUT IT DOWN.

Aurora – What’s your favourite classic romance?

I actually haven’t read that many classic romances, so I’ll go with Pride and Prejudice which I did really enjoy

Ariel – Name a book about making sacrifices
and fighting for your dreams

Well it depends what kind of sacrifices and dreams you’re talking about. There are sacrifices and fighting for dreams in Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles for example.

Belle – Name a book with a smart,
independent female character

I wish I could give you an answer that isn’t Hermione Granger but honestly I can’t.

Jasmine – Name a book with a character that challenged the social conventions of his/her world

I’m going to go with the same answer as Cátia and say Alec Lightwood

Pocahontas – Name a book whose ending
was a roller coaster of emotions

Hahaha which book wasn’t (of course there are also a lot of books that weren’t). The latest book that would fit this would be The Ask and the Answer. That ending adnjfs. And I still haven’t gotten my hands on Monsters of Men yet. What is this sorcery

Mulan – Name a book with a kickass female character

How can I choose? I love that it’s hard to choose though, because that means we have a lot to choose from. I’m going with Celaena/Aelin (did I spell her name right oh my god it’s been years and I still doubt my spelling skills when it comes to her name. Thankfully her real name is much easier to spell thank you Sarah)

Tiana – Name a book featuring a
hardworking, self-made character

Alex from Made You Up. She worked really hard to fit in and do well at school.

Rapunzel – A book that features an artist

It took me so long to remember Clary Fray haha. How could I forget her?

Merida – Name a book that features
a mother-daughter relationship

Why is it taking me so long to come up with one?! Oh yeah, because mother-daughter relationships are almost non-existent in (YA) books. OH OH. Molly and Ginny. How could I forget?

Anna & Elsa – A book with a great
relationship between siblings

The Weasley’s are my favourite fictional family and I love the sibling relationships, but I also really love the Lightwoods siblings, especially on the tv show.

Now it’s tagging time! I tag:

Elly | Sophie | Kat

Don’t feel obligated to do this!

Who is your favourite Disney Princess? Or are you like me and you can’t choose? Speaking of Disney Princesses, are you excited for Moana? I just can’t wait for it (and I have been waiting ever since it was announced haha). Let me know in the comments!


Oh No! The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

It has happened guys. The zombies have risen. Grab your wands. It’s time for war.

Just kidding. The zombies aren’t here (yet)! But I did get tagged by Kayleigh from Miserable and Magical (thank you!) to do The Zombie Apocalypse tag. Sorry it took me so long!

The Rules:
1) Pick any five books randomly (or not randomly, your choice)
2) The first name you see when you flip open the book on a random page, will be the person who is the answer to the question.
3) Each of the books must answer two questions.

My five books:
1) Made You Up by Francesca Zappia
2) The Maze Runner by James Dashner
3) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
4) The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas
5) The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

The Questions:

1) The first person to die? (Made You Up)




2) The person you trip to get away from the zombies? (The Maze Runner)

Okay so at first I misread this and thought that Thomas tripped me. I was already getting mad and making jokes about it. I CAN’T BELIEVE I TRIPPED THOMAS. WHY WOULD I DO THAT. I mean we’re talking The Maze Runner Thomas, I like Maze Runner Thomas. Now if it were Scorch Trials Thomas, I’d trip, ’cause he was kind of annoying in that one.

3) The first person to turn into a zombie? (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)


4) The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies? (The Assassin’s Blade)


5) The idiot of the team? (The Mark of Athena)

Jason. Well if Jason is the idiot of the team (and he’s not really an idiot, in my opinion) then that means my team is pretty smart!

6) The “brains” of the team? (Made You Up)

Celia. Forget what I said at 5.

I may or may not be screwed. Damn, I was hoping for Alex or Tucker (I’d be hoping for Miles if he wasn’t the first one to die *eternal sobbing*).

7) The team’s medic? (The Maze Runner)

Thomas. Okay Thomas, if you’re our medic, you really shouldn’t trip people.

8) The weapons expert? (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Harry. Well, he’s an expert with his wand! (oh my wizardgod that sounded so wrong). I mean, he’s really good at DADA.

9) The brawler? (The Assassin’s Blade)

Celaena. No surprise there.

10) The team captain? (The Mark of Athena)

Percy! I think Percy would make a great captain.

You know, Celia might be the ‘brains’ of the team (we don’t even really know if she’s smart or not. I won’t go into it, because SPOILERS) and Thomas might trip me and Arobynn might trip me (but it’s not like any of us trusted him. Besides we’ll just feed him to zombie Hermione), but the rest of my team is pretty good. I do wish that Miles didn’t die and Hermione didn’t become a zombie though. Not just because I love them, but I think we could really use them.

I think I’d survive with Percy as my captain, Celaena as our brawler, Harry as our weapon expert, Thomas as our medic (if he stops TRIPPING. PEOPLE) and Arobynn as our sacrifice to get on the zombies’ good side. I’M GONNA SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE GUYS (except for the tiny detail that none of these guys actually exist).

I’m going to tag:

Don’t feel obligated to do this!

So that was The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag! Which characters would you gladly sacrifice to save yourself from the zombies? And which ones will you protect with your life? Let me know in the comments!


Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas


Genre: Young adult | high fantasy
Series: Throne of Glass #4
Goodreads rating: 4.67
My rating: 3.5






Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she’s at last returned to the empire—for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past . . .

She has embraced her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, she must fight.

She will fight for her cousin, a warrior prepared to die for her. She will fight for her friend, a young man trapped in an unspeakable prison. And she will fight for her people, enslaved to a brutal king and awaiting their lost queen’s triumphant return.


While I’m typing this I still haven’t decided on a rating. I want to write down my thoughts first, because honestly? I don’t know how to rate this, which devastates me. It’s Throne of Glass, it should be an immediate 5-star rating! But nope, while I did enjoy QoS, I have a few problems with it.

Bye bye Celaena, hello Aelin? I know that bits and pieces of Celaena were fake; a mask to conceal her real identity, but Celaena and Aelin seem to be a completely different person? I love Celaena; she is one of the best female protagonists in YA fiction. She is badass yet girly, loves reading and puppies and appreciates weapons. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, though she did have a conscious. Aelin? I don’t even know who that is. I’m not saying I completely hated Aelin; she had her bad-ass moments, but I was actually mad at her and I don’t feel very attached to her either to be honest. Spoiler: it also felt very out of character to me how she decided to kill Dorian instead of trying to save him. Yes, she has already faced the Valg and even one of their Princes, but we’re talking about Dorian here. Dorian, who is one of her best friends, who she loves and cares about. Dorian, who is the only hope for Adarlan. Also, she didn’t want to Rowan to tattoo another friend’s name on her back? Then why kill one of your friends yourself, Aelin? And the way she treated Chaol (I’ll get to the way he treated her in a bit)… Okay, so when he attacked her first, obviously I was all: GO AELIN. But she was so heartless towards him regarding Dorian. Also, Chaol did have a point. 

Sarah where are you hiding the real Chaol?? Um, Chaol wasn’t mad at Aelin/Celaena when Heir of Fire ended? He didn’t blame her for everything? He wasn’t this vicious? Okay, so maybe he snapped a bit because of what happened to Dorian, but he can’t blame that on Aelin. The way he treated her just felt very out of character to me. Lot’s of things did (unless it came to Dorian. Bless Chaolian). I’m just mad, because I loved Chaol, but this just wasn’t him. Also, he used to be a main character? Dorian too? Okay, so Dorian’s possessed, but I don’t care. I expected more Chaol and Dorian, instead of more new characters I don’t care about (like that servant girl in the Manon chapters whose name I can’t even remember. I just didn’t care at all what happened to her).

Speaking of Manon! While in Heir of Fire I didn’t like her chapters that much (I did like Manon herself, just for some reason I found most of her chapters a bit boring?), I absolutely loved them this time. Manon and the witches were badass, things were interesting and I loved the new side we saw of them. While I didn’t like what’s-her-face herself nor her POV, I did like what she brought out in Manon. Also, her fight with a certain someone. THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR GUYS.

Let’s keep things positive for a little bit longer: AEDION. I fell in love with Aedion in Heir of Fire (he’s precious and has to be protected at all costs) and my love for him remained through QoS. His fanboy moments were just so adorable and his love for Aelin is just perfect.

Lysandra is also reintroduced, and I’m so glad she’s not as shallow as she seemed to be in The Assassin’s Blade, but I won’t go into it too much, since it’s a pretty big spoiler.

I’m afraid I have to get a bit negative again. I know a lot of you love Rowan. Before you grab your wands and swords and other weapons, I don’t hate him. I did find his narrating voice annoying to read at times and I DO NOT approve of the way he threatens Aedion (he’s Aelin’s beloved cousin why are you threatening to rip his tongue out if he talks to her again like that. I actually want to cuss, which I don’t do on my blog), but I really don’t hate him. I just don’t really care about him? I mean, I don’t want him to die for Aelin’s sake, but when he and Aedion were in trouble, all I could think was: ‘NOT AEDION. NOT AEDION’. Sarah has two books left to make me fall in love with him though (and with Rowaelin. I just don’t ship it? It’s weird, I didn’t ship Chaol and Celaena at first either, but then Sarah made me fall in love with them in CoM, so I kind of expected that to happen this time as well. I seriously ship Aelin/Celaena with so many characters, just not with Rowan. I just really loved their friendship and I’m a bit annoyed that it couldn’t stay that way honestly. But that’s just how I feel! Besides who knows how I’ll feel in book 5). Though what does bother me is that he’s supposed to be the strongest Fae warrior in the world, but it didn’t feel that way?

Another new character is also introduced: Nesryn. She’s a soldier and Chaol’s second in command. She could’ve been one awesome character, but instead she’s reduced to a love interest. I hope she’ll be more 3D in book 5, because she has so much potential.

Spoiler: I need to rant about this a bit, because it bothers me, but it’s a spoiler and I don’t want angry fangirls going after me! (we’re a scary bunch after all). I found Arobynn’s murder a let down. It was clear that Aelin would go after him and take her revenge. I’m not saying I wanted her to torture him or anything, or that I’m even disappointed it was Lysandra who killed him. There was just such a build-up to it, and we didn’t even get to read the murder. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I felt it was too long. I feel like a lot of stuff could’ve been left out; I was actually bored at some points. Great, I still don’t know how to rate this after such a long post haha. Thing is, I did enjoy it. There was action and blood, there were some feels, but I’m just not blown away. And when I look at my rants above, I don’t even think I should rate it 4 stars.

I wanted to be part of the people who loved this book. I wanted to be blown away. IT’S THRONE OF GLASS GUYS. WHY AM I NOT IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK *looks at above rants* Oh right. That’s why. So 3.5 stars it is then *sigh*. I just hope the next book will be better.

Thankfully I know I’m not the only one who is disappointed, which does make me feel slightly better. SO! How do you feel towards Queen of Shadows? 


The Weekly Hufflepuff #6

the weekly hufflepuff

Remember when in my last weekly wrap up I said I had thought of a schedule to combine school, blogging, reading and writing? Also remember how I said I thought I was developing a cold? Yep, I really was! This was not a good week health-wise, which meant I already broke the schedule. On Monday I went to the station to catch the train, but I just felt worse with every second and went back home. I had a huge migraine and felt like I was going to throw up. After sleeping for a few hours I woke up with my throat hurting more than ever – talking actually hurt! (Mom: ‘It’s rather peaceful this way’ thanks Mom).
On Tuesday I went back to school as I couldn’t miss too much, and I no longer had a migraine. Also I could talk again! Until Thursday when everything came out as a whisper- yay. My throat still hurts, but at least I can talk. I’m coughing a lot, and I definitely have a cold, but it could be worse. Anyway, long story short, I would’ve blogged more (and scheduled posts for next week) even though school is busy, but I just felt awful and decided against it. I hope I can get back to blogging regularly (both writing and reading; I’ve barely read any posts this week!) soon.


  • I read some more fairy tales. I especially liked Jorinda and Jorindel
  • I FINALLY GOT QUEEN OF SHADOWS!! So naturally I started reading it yesterday


As I mentioned I’m sick, but hopefully not for much longer!

I went to my old school on Wednesday to keep my friend company during her free period. It was so strange to take that old route to the school and then walk inside of it! It hasn’t changed much, which would be weird of course since the last time I was there was in July but still haha. I also saw my old Spanish teacher and talked to her a bit.

I’m busy with schoolwork! I have to hold an elevator pitch tomorrow (which I’m not looking forward to since not only do I hate to stand in front of a group and talk, but also because of my throat and my coughing) and finish a big article for our magazine (I don’t think I’ve mentioned it to you guys yet, but one of my subjects this term is ‘first issue’ in which you make your own magazine!). Oh and I need to interview someone and then analyse it. Of course there’s also the reading to keep up with.. Especially the article will take up a lot of time though.

Last Friday me and two classmates were terrified we were going to miss our trains (me and another girl had to take the same train). We ran out of the bus with less than two minutes to spare, up the stairs,  and then we sort of separated. I had to check in (in The Netherlands we have these machines that you have to hold your transport chipcard against so you’re ‘checked in’) and of course I had to double-check if I had really checked in because I didn’t want to get a fine. That’s when I lost sight of my classmate who had to take the same train, so I just ran like crazy towards the escalator that would take me to the platform, except when I was running down the escalator, I noticed that it wasn’t the platform I was supposed to be at at all (it’s always the same one), so I quickly ran up the other escalator again and then towards the right platform. I was 99% sure the train would have left already, but when I got to the platform there was still a train there. I almost missed it because I wasn’t sure if it was my train, until I heard my classmate yell my name. Mere seconds after I had run into it, the train left! I still can’t believe I was that lucky haha!

what I posted-2


Like I said, I haven’t read that many posts this week. Instead I’d like to point out some other things!

And that’s a wrap! I only have one post scheduled this week (another tag) and I’m not sure I’ll have the time to post this week. I think I’m going to take a sort of hiatus: I’ll blog when I can, but I might not blog at all! At least not until I’m all better and pretty much caught up on homework. BUT! How was your week? I hope I’ll be able to catch up on blogs and comment more this week, but if I don’t, know that it’s not you but me (lol I just had to use it haha. But in this case it’s really me. I love all of your blogs and I hate that I barely have the time to read them).